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Hello my loves!!!Happy 4th of Julyyy!You know... I'm not really one for holidays... they don't really mean anything to me.. just Christmas and I have ISSUESDid I tell you thats my new favorite word?Well, it is!!!!!I'm STILL listening to Free Fallin... hehe. I've turned it off a few times to watch a movie and stuff(SECRET WINDOW! JOHNNY DEPP=LOVE!)But... I listened to it allll through my sleeep and nw and.. before... YESOkee. the storyy!Oh! Thanks to Regina for help with all the Reginaness(:--------------------------------------------~Jasmine's POV~The next few weeks went just like that. I would wake up late and shower then eat lunch. I am so glad that I graduated with Nicholas. It was ... heaven. It was as though I was on vacation, minus the fact that my heart is in California with Joe. Anyway, after lunch I would clean up the house then sit on our back porch with a blanket and a cup of hot coco and talk to Joe for a couple hours until my mom came home. It was really, really cold here. Cold and ... snowy. William told me that it doesn't get warm again til the end of April. April! That sucks. Wow. When my mom would come home from the school, we would chill together for a little while then get together with Will and Regina's family. It went like that into March. A whole month without Joe. Oh, that may not seem like much, but it was. I missed him terribly and would do about anything to see him again. The other day, he had told me that they( they being the Jonas Brothers ) had this week off but he still couldn't get away. That ... just tore my heart. This sucks..."Jasmine!! Oh! Hi! Good, you're up!" I looked away from my phone, where I was checking to see if Joe had texted me back yet. He hadn't. I looked up at Regina, who ran into my room. I stood up from my bed. "What's up, Reggy?" She grabbed Joe's hoody that was hanging over my chair and threw it at me. "We're going on a walk." I pulled on the hoodie. "Are you KIDDING? It's freakin, like, 5 out." She pushed a hat onto my head, "It's only 20, suck it up, California." I fixed the hat and stuffed my cell into my back pocket. "You suck." She smiled and threw my uggs at me. Hard. "What's your point? Let's go! I'm gonna leave without you." I sighed and pulled the boots on over my thick socks. She grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door. "We're going to be late!!" I grabbed some gloves on the way out the door, "how can we be late for a walk?" Regina ignored my comment and pulled my down the walk way, though the cold air and fresh snow. I pulled on my gloves over my cold hands. After a few minutes I stopped. "Regina, where are we going?" "Come on! You'll see!" I sighed and followed her. A few more minutes later, I stopped again. "Are we going to the airport?!" She ignored me and just continued walking. I ran after her. "We are, aren't we?!?! I'm going to see Joe!!" "I never said that," she replied. "Regina, hello? Where else would we go?" "Antarctica to see the pengiuns." I paused for a second ... what? I continued walking. "But ... it's cold there!" I pointed out. "See? This is why I don't tell you where we go half the time!" I sighed and walked next to her in silence. She's just crazy. That's all. Just .. insane, really. Eh, it's okay. I love her, anyway. Ha, ha. I chuckled to myself. "Hm?" I looked up at her, "you're crazy, you know that?" She glanced at me, "like I said before, your point?" I shook my head. I don't really know ... "Oh, look. we're here." I looked ahead and stopped walking. "We ARE at the airport!" "Um, duh?" I glared at her and walked faster ... then I jogged ... then I started to run. "Um, hello? Still walking here," Regina called behind me but I didn't care, I just kept running. I think she ran after me, but I'm not sure. I ran through the doors then froze. Oh my. There are too many people! I looked around frantically, where is he?! "Jasmine!" My heart nearly stopped beating at the sound of that voice. I closed my eyes and took a breath. Opening my eyes, I slowly turned around.--------------------------------------------Ohhh!Whoooo is itttt?!omg. Dudes...So, I wanted to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast but guess what?! My mom FORGOT it was the 4th!! She was gonna go food shopping today?!? But now she cannot and we have no good foood!Well, we have sunchips and chocolate chips.. so I'm good.. but NO BREAD! SO I am NOT GOOD. How do you FORGET the 4th of JULY?!?! UGH.Okee. I'm done :)hehe.1) What do you think about the Nicholas going solo rumer?2) What are you doing for the 4th if anything? Or, have done. stupid time zones.3) Do you think that it'll ever stop being cloudy long enough for me to tannnn?! Goodness.... Man!Sorry, I am ranting a lot today. I'm in a ranting mood... OH! BONAS QUESTION.4) Do you like the game Badmittin? or is it.. Batmittin? or.... you know that game with the net and the little birdie? hm.I have run outta room. darn