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I took half of this one down by the river in Perth, Western Australia, and the other at a local park in Northbridge. The morning was so still, and the sky so perfectly blue that the colours just seemed to pop. It's just hitting winter here and hence everything is changing colour and crisping up making for some lovely shooting conditions.

The footage isn't that unique or particularly exciting, but the image quality just floors me. To think that this is a AU$1200 camcorder using 'old' miniDV technology.

With my DOF adapter kit now pretty much complete (shrigg rig arrives this week) this is my first video that I think finally does justice just how amazing the HV30 can be when used with a DOF adapter, great lens and a m*therf*cking brilliant tripod.

Last week I bought a wide angle 28mm f2.8 AIS Nikkor lens (thanks Matt for the suggestion) and hence I thought it only right to give it a go with my new tripod: a Manfrotto 701HDV head with 755XB legs. OH MY GOD it's good to have completely shake free footage for once.

I'm using a twoneil plus (ie with an achromat) which I wholeheartedly recommend. The achromat really seems to clean up the edges of the picture, no warping, very little vignetting, and overall a much sharper picture.

Just for the hey I took the camera out of 25fps and didn't use cinemode for once. Instead I used the standard HDV50i and shutter priority set at 125. I actually think the result is a much crisper and vibrant image. Of course it's not quite as soft and "movie" like.

Hope you like it!

Music is Any other Name from American Beauty

Cast: M A Welker