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Doug, Kevin and Ashley are back with another LIVE edition of the Dude Zone to talk about the latest in the world of the Downstairsguys. Doug introduces Mary, a new babe of the week that is a jogger. Later, Josie from the Upstairs Girls shows up as a second babe of the week. Plus, Doug and Kevin re-enact the Angelo Mosca and Joe Kapp Fist Fight (aka the CFL old guy fight) FAVORITE THIS VIDEO We are the "Downstairs Guys". We're putting our lives up on YouTube to show you guys the behind the scenes of our whacky lives. See what we do to meet hot and sexy girls and try to see them naked or at the very least in a bikini or something. Visit these other Iron Sink comedy channels from Downstairsguys: Upstairsgirls: Ashley's HugTime: Model Ball: Video Game Storm with Kevin and Victoria Sandy's Channel: IronSink Network: Cougars: Freakdom of Speech: (less info)