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Xray Videos - 3 by Popular

X-ray Cihazına Takılanlar Sergisi

alayan'daki stanbul Adalet Saray giriinde x-ray cihaznda grlerek sakncal bulunduu iin alnan ve daha sonra sahiplerince unutulan eyalar, ... tags: AdaletAdliyeÇağlayanSarayıX-rayİstanbul

How To Treat A Broken Toe

Often, people do not know how to determine and manage a broken toe. This video aims to give you guidelines on how to manage a broken toe. tags: bonebrokenphalangesraytoetoesx-ray

Low-cost portable X-ray machine hits market

Researchers in Italy are working on small and portable X-ray scanner. The coordinator of the NANORAY project Paolo De Stefanis explained ... tags: euronewshitsinnovationLow-costmachinemarketportable

China Opens its Healthcare Sector to Foreign Investment

China has opened the doors to foreign investors in its urban hospitals. Even as parts of the wider healthcare sector undergo reforms, ... tags: chinaelectricgeneralhealthcareHospitalsMachinesReforms

X-Ray Scan Reveals Over 500 Illegal Immigrants in Mexico

The people inside the truck were headed for the U.S. - and weren't just from South or Central America, but from across the globe. tags: 513ChiapasillegalimmigrantsMexicomigrantsscanners

Kristen Stewart ist Opfer eines Streiches

Offenbar ist Kristen Stewart ein Opfer eines gemeinen Streiches geworden. tags: CampKalifornienKeoughKristenPattinsonRileyRobert

Mortal Kombat présentation demo

Petite vido pour voir un peu la demo de Mortal Kombat 9 tags: cagedemojohnnykombatmileenamortalscorpion

3D animation of a gastropod shell (µCT analysis)

3D virtual reconstruction of a gastropod shell scanned by x-ray microtomography with at the Centre de Microtomographie of the University of ... tags: microtomographiemicrotomographyRayons-XX-ray

3D animation of a primate proximal tibia (SRµCT analysis)

3D virtual reconstruction of the proximal tibia Macaca fuscata scanned by x-ray synchrotron radiation based microtomography on the ID17 ... tags: BonemicrotomographiemicrotomographyRayons-XSynchrotronTibiaX-ray

Densités d'électrons : de la cohésion de la matière au "cinéma ...

Les lectrons envahissent la matire et la vie. Cest lhistoire dune carrire scientifique, de leur observation la matrise de leur ... tags: électronsdiffractionlaserneutronspumprayonsx-ray

Man becomes transparent

On December 28, 1895, the German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rntgen announced he had discovered rays which he called X. With these rays, we ... tags: radioactivityRayonx-ray

Kristen Stewart reaparece por partida doble

Tras ms de un ao alejada del mundo del celuloide por razones extraprofesionales, Kristen Stewart volver este verano a los sets de rodaje y ... tags: BinocheCampceluloideChloecrepúsculoMariaPattinson