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Palms of Wisdom - Extrait 1

Ceci est le premier extrait officiel du nouveau long-mtrage des Studios M-L, Palms of Wisdom. Sortie en 2011. Pour plus d'informations, ... tags: 2011EricExtraitLEMATTREM-Lmontpellierofficiel

Palms of Wisdom - Extrait 2

Ceci est le deuxime extrait officiel du nouveau long-mtrage des Studios M-L, Palms of Wisdom. Sortie en 2011. Pour plus d'informations, ... tags: EricExtraitFilm_thrillerLEMATTREM-LmontpellierPalms

World's oldest wild bird lays egg

Wisdom, a 63-year-old albatross, produces yet another egg to the amazement of scientists. She was captured on video laying an egg at the ... tags: albatrossbirdeggoldestvideoWisdom

South Africans prasie Mandela for his wisdom, patience

After 27years of imprisonment, Nelson Mandelas role in leading South Africa to a multi-racial democracy has been both his most celebrated ... tags: AfricasMandelaPatiencePraiseSouth_AfricaWisdom

Nelson Mandela's words of wisdom

Nelson Mandela was a man who inspired people from all walks of life from all over the world.Here are some of his most famous quotes to ... tags: DeathMandelasNelsonNelson_MandelaSouth_Africawisdomwords

The Heart of Business by Raymond H Harris Book Trailer

The book of Proverbs helps current and future leaders how to be better leaders. Raymond Harris discusses behaviors to avoid, how to be an ... tags: book_trailerBusinessChristianexecutivesleadershipProverbsRaymon_Harris

Everything in Seven Dimensions...A New Religious Perspective

For many, the most potent religious truths are virtually inaccessiblethese are principles by which we merely hope to guide ourselves ... tags: ChristianityHidden_Bible_TaboosJames_Slobodzienreligiontruthwisdom

Waking Up From Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Ladies and gentlemen, your dentist is the best drug dealer you know. Watch more videos here Facebook page

Graduation 2013: Oprah, Obama headline commencement addresses

The 2013 commencement season is under way and new graduates have been treated to words of wisdom from notable speakers including President ...

CHOW Tip: Open Beer with a Pen

Everyone has a trick to opening a beer bottle when you don't have an opener handy, even CHOW's staff photographer, Chris Rochelle. Here he ...

Eluveitie - Of Fire, Wind & Wisdom

From the 'Spirit' album, released in North America by Season of Mist.

Stanford grads look back at Steve Jobs speech

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs told the story of his life to the 2005 graduating class of Stanford. John Blackstone takes a look at what ...