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Wingman Videos - 4 by Popular

Simple Ways To Impress Women: Be Well Groomed 9

Scraggly facial hair styles and even a hint of body odor will kill your chances with women. Women want their men to be well groomed. They ...

Simple Ways To Impress Women: Socialize With Her Friends 7

When deciding whether or not to ask a woman out on a date, you probably evaluate her personality and her looks, among other things like her ...

Simple Ways To Impress Women: Open Doors 4

Another entry on our list of the top 10 simple ways to impress women Open the door for her. Opening the door for a woman is a classic ...

Simple Ways To Impress Women: Help With Her Coat 8

If you're trying to come up with simple ways to impress women, you might think about the kinds of things your grandfather used to do. Women ...

Simple Ways To Impress Women: Compliment Her Looks 3

So here's the thing you want to give her a compliment, but you want it to seem sincere. Thus, you need something a little more original ...

Simple Ways To Impress Women: Look Her In The Eye 10

It can be tempting to look a beautiful woman up and down, and the more beautiful she is, the harder it is to concentrate on the ...

Wingman vliegt over Gardameer

De Franse waaghals Raphael Dumont - what's in a name - vliegt zonder parachute, maar met een wingsuit over het Gardameer en landt netjes op ...

Wingman flies through 4m-wide valley in China... at 160KPH

US wingman Jeb Corliss flies at 160kph through a four-metre-wide mountain valley to survive a terrifying stunt in eastern China. Report by ...

Kevin Hart Helps You Pick Up Women

Comedian Kevin Hart shares some dating advice to help you become better better at picking up girls, as one of the funniest comedians in the ...

Male Turkeys Use 'Wingmen' to Pick Up Females

A new study shows the dominant turkey in a flock uses the other turkeys as wingmen to find a mate. tags: malematingnewsscienceturkeysusewingman

Top 10 Traits Of A Wingman: He Reads The Terrain 6

The good wingman knows whether to enter the conversation to keep things moving forward or to just back off and let you do your stuff. He ... tags: AskingConfidenceHerImprovementLessonsMalePickup

Top 10 Traits Of A Wingman: He Prevents Interference

There's usually another guy trying to work the same hot girl that you want to take home. Or sometimes her 'friend' will be doing all she ... tags: AskingConfidenceHerImprovementLessonsMalePickup