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Water Supply Videos - 2 by Popular

Controversy brews over CalAm request to conserve water on Monterey Peninsula

CalAm's request of customers to voluntarily conserve water for the next few days did not sit well with many Monterey Peninsula residents.


Alcalde Ramon tries to monopolize the pueblo's water supply. tags: Action_and_AdventureDuncan_RegehrEfrem_Zimbalist_JrJames_VictorPatrice_Martineztollwater_supply

RAGE Demo Now Available On Xbox LIVE

If you are like me your back log of awesome games is up to the ceiling in your game room and you refuse to buy any other games or maybe you ... tags: Black_Friday_SaleCheckoutCourageCultDemoDollar_SavingsGames

Chennai: People face problem in Kolathur area

Chennai J parandaman found difficult to cross the Vivekanada Colony in Kolathur for the past one month. Others also struggle to cross the ... tags: ChennaiCivic_OfficialsCmwssbColoniesCommercial_EstablishmentsDrainage_PipesFace_Problem

A Guide To Switch Off Your Water Supply

A how to lesson on A Guide To Switch Off Your Water Supply that will improve your plumbing diy skills. Learn how to get good at plumbing ... tags: andfluid_mechanicsLeisureLifesinkstop_tapturn_off

Car Theft Now Only a Text Away

A security consultant Don Bailey, has figured out a way into any cars computer via a cell phone. tags: andcar_theftcybersecuritydon_baileygpshackhackers

A Watery Quasar in a Young Universe

Scientists have found a quasar with more water around it than trillions of Earths. tags: astronomersblack_holecosmoEarthgalaxyHealthintergalactic

How To Turn Off Your Water Supply

To turn off your water supply you need to locate the stop tap. It is usually under the kitchen sink. Follow the cold water pipe along and ... tags: andfluid_mechanicsLeisureLifesinkstop_tapturn_off

Drinking Water from the Water Works with Forty-X â„¢

Video 'Drinking Water from the Water Works with Forty-X ' from Siemens AGWith the new Forty-X water filtering system from Siemens, it is ... tags: disc-filtersdrinking-waterfilter-systemsfilter-technologyfiltersmembraneplate-filters

The Science of Snow

It's been a harsh winter across the US. Snow has blanketed the Sierra Nevada, where the snowpack is well above normal. Lots of snow means ... tags: KQEDmountainsNatural_SciencespbsQUESTRadioscience

Man Urinates in City's Drinking Water Reservoir

A Portland man's decision to urinate in a city reservoir cost 35,000 to clean. But is this an overreaction to a non-dangerous 'chemical' tags: andarrestedchemicalchlorinatedchlorinecity_reservoirclean