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PTJ Let's Play: Beyond Oasis - Part 03

Ali finally begins his true adventure and experience a real dungeonThank you so much for watching Leave your comments below and click ... tags: ancientgameplayLets_PlayplaythroughPlaythrough_PartSega_Mega_Drive_Video_Game_PlatformSega_Organization

The Gamepad - Call of Duty: Ghosts

Presented to you in blur-o-vision.Thank you so much for watching Leave your comments below and click Subscribe if you like my ... tags: call_of_duty_ghostsCall_Of_Duty_Video_Game_SeriesGamepadLogitech_OrganizationMultiplayer_Video_Game_Video_Game_ModPlayStation_4_ComPlayStation_Product_Line

PTJ Let's Play: Beyond Oasis - Part 02

Upon returning from the water shrine, Ali makes his way through the oddly water-based fire shrine.Thank you so much for watching Leave your ... tags: ancientgameplayLets_PlayplaythroughPlaythrough_PartSega_Mega_Drive_Video_Game_PlatformSega_Organization

Downfall of Gaming Journalism #4: GameFailers

In the continuation of our categorical analysis of the declining field of gaming journalism, Viacom's ... tags: GameTrailersGeoff_KeighleyRantRazörFistThe_RageaholicVideo_game_industryVideo_Game_Journalism

Death of the Middle Market - Rant #42

RazrFist pours a piping hot rant that's been percolating for awhile. One concerning the vanishing of gaming's 'middle market', the apparent ... tags: MIddle_MarketRantRazörFistThe_RageaholicVideo_game_industryVideo_game_journalism

The Indie Savior? - Rant #43

In the last VLOG, Razr discussed the death of the middle market, which raises this week's question If all we're left with is 'Indie' and ... tags: RantRazörFistThe_RageaholicVideo_game_developmentVideo_game_industry

Dear Rageaholic #5 - RazörFist vs. Capcom: Ultra Super Remix Version Edition

The 'Dear Rageaholic' QA special returns, featuring a particularly vitriolic harangue directed at his old friends The ubiquitous 'Angry ... tags: NintendoPlayStation_4RazörFistThe_RageaholicVideo_game_industryWii_UXbox_One

PTJ Let's Play: Beyond Oasis - Part 01

After discovering a gold armlet, only Prince Ali can stop the evil being brought forth by the bearer of the silver armlet.Thank you so much ... tags: ancientgameplayLets_PlayplaythroughPlaythrough_PartSega_Mega_Drive_Video_Game_PlatformSega_Organization

Smosh's 6 Hour E-Begging Extravaganza - #SmoshScam

Originally published on August 21st, 2013. Thumbnail made by NateTalksToYou as well as this video was requested by him GATG videos on ... tags: E-BeggingFood_BattleIndiegogoIndiegogo_CampaignShut_Up_CartoonsSmoshSmosh_E-Begging

PTJ Let's Play: Alan Wake - Part 01

Welcome to Alan Wake, an action horror game developed by Remedy. Alan Wake is a writer who goes on vacation where all manner of strange ... tags: BusinessEntertainmentgameplaLets_Playquantum_breakRemedyVideo_Game_Console_Invention

PressToJoin Channel Update - 12/18/2013

Update regarding channel schedule and new content. New Let's Play videos every Monday Thursday at 3 p.m. Central.Thank you so much for ... tags: JoinLets_PlayplayplaythroughscheduleupdateVideo_Game_Console_Invention