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Venezuelan opposition turns out against Maduro

With flags and posters in hand, thousands are protesting in Venezuela as a precursor to December 8 local elections. Marching through ... tags: accusesagainstaidesMaduroNicolasoneout

Venezuelans vote on future of "Chavista" politics

ROUGH CUT NO REPORTER NARRATION STORY Venezuelans began voting on Sunday to determine whether to honor Hugo Chavez's dying wish for a ... tags: CaprilesCutelectionMaduronarrationNicolaspolitics

Venezuelans on the streets one week before poll

Supporters of the opposition candidate Henrique Capriles have thronged the streets of Caracas, one week before Venezuela's hotly contested ... tags: beforeElectionseuronewsonepollstreetsthe

Research shows satisfaction with Chavez social missions

According to the Gumilla research centre 51.1 of Venezuelans are satisfied with the social missions implemented by the pro-socialist ... tags: ChavezgumillamissionsresearchVenezuelans

Big test for Chavez in vote for Venezuela's future

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez calls for peace on the eve polls that could pose the fiercest challenge to his 14-year-rule. His main ... tags: againstcancerCaprilesChavezGraylikelyVenezuelans

Venezuelans hold rival rallies as election dispute continues

May Day marches had a political edge in Venezuela as the opposition led by Henrique Capriles pledged to ask the Supreme Court to order a ... tags: continuesElectioneuronewsJusticeMaduroNicolásresults

As Chavez is mourned Venezuelans look to the future

While Venezuela mourns the death of its charismatic leader Hugo Chavez, questions are already being asked about how the country will move ... tags: ChavezeuronewsfuturelookmournedPoliticsthe

Mourning Venezuelans parade Chavez's coffin

ROUGH CUT NO REPORTER NARRATION STORY Weeping and shouting, a sea of Hugo Chavez's supporters paraded his coffin through the streets of ... tags: coffinhisHugoMourningparadeparadedreporter

Venezuelan mourners file past Chavez's coffin

Late into the night, a sombre procession of thousands filed past the glass-topped coffin of President Hugo Chavez. Ending one of Latin ... tags: ChavezChavezsHugomournerspayreportsrespects

Thousands of Venezuelans pay tribute to Chavez

A mass of Hugo Chavez supporters has taken part in a parade to mourn Venezuela's former leader who died of cancer on Tuesday.... tags: ChavezeuronewsFuneralpayThousandstributeVenezuela

Venezuelans sob openly over Chavez's death

On the streets of Caracas, they sobbed openly. Anguish over the death of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez apparent on the faces of the ... tags: beforedeathDeborahhospitalHugoopenlyover

"Chavez took a piece of my heart"

Shattered supporters of Hugo Chavez mourn his death in a flood of emotion in Caracas. SOUNDBITE Spanish CHAVEZ SUPPORTER, BEATRIZ RAMOS, ... tags: cancerdiesfollowingheartHugoLutterbeckreports