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Urinating Videos by Popular

Drunk guy falls from bridge after urinating

After urinating, this drunken guy falls over the ledge tags: bridgedrunkfunnyledgeurinating

New Video Surfaces of Justin Bieber Urinating in Restaurant Mop Bucket

New video has just surfaced of Justin Bieber urinating in a restaurant mop bucket in New York City. Ref SPL575382 100713 ... tags: BieberBillbucketClintonJustinmopnightclub

Short Film - The Wall

Mr. Sharma is fed up with the nuisance of people urinating on the wall right in front of his house. One day he decides to take action. ... tags: decidesfedFilmfronthousenuisancepeople

Death and Dishonour: US marine urinating video exposes daily abuse?

As Washington attempts to limit the damage done by the now-infamous YouTube video which apparently depicts US marines urinating on the ... tags: AfghancorpsesMarinesontalibanurinateurinating

Video of US marines urinating on Taliban sparks outrage

Another scandal is erupting for U.S. forces in Afghanistan - this time in the form of a YouTube video - which appears to show American ... tags: AfghancorpsesMarinesontalibanurinateurinating

Man Writes Public Letter of Apology for Urinating in Public

69-year-old Richard H. Vermillion was ordered to write a letter of apology for urinating in public. The note has been released ... tags: apologyforinletterofpublicurinating

CDC Warns: Swimming Pools Are Not Toilets

The CDC warns that pools are not toilets.Shocking though it may be, the CDC has actually had to address the issue of people relieving ... tags: ascdcGeneralNewspoolsswimmingtoilets

Marines New Recruitment Ad Post Urination Incident

The Marine Corps has released a striking new advertisement in the wake of a viral video of marines peeing on people they've killed. tags: marine corpsmarinespeepeeingrecruitmentsatiretaliban

US Marines Urinating on Taliban Bodies in Afghanistan

Funny response by pamper wearing US Army.US investigates Taliban corpse abuse in Afghanistan tags: abamaafghanafghanistanallegationamericancomedyforces

CBS: Pamela Geller on US Marines Victory Tinkle on Jihadists, "So what?"

Have you seen the firestorm in the enemedia and among Obama's craven apologists over the US Marines victory tinkle The media is beside ... tags: Islamshariatalibanurinatingus marines