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WTF Girl Grows Face On Chest

A face on someone's chest', weird to even hear it, right Well, it has happened. A girl in Chine had grown a face on her chest. Know more in ...

WTF Dress Made By Milk

Dresses, they are made of various materials but have you ever heard of a dress made of milk No Well, check out this video For daily dose of ...

WTF 10 Most Weirdest Laws

People do strange things, therefore weird laws are written to help straighten them out. Some of these bizarre laws almost seem like urban ...

WTF Toilet Themed Restaurant

Usually, it takes time for a new restaurant to end up in the toilet, but the 'Magic Restroom Cafe' was already there before it opened. The ...

WTF Lizard Man Navratan Harsh

Meet Navratan Harsh, a 21-year-old from Bikaner, Rajasthan state, India, with a bizarre passion for animals, especially Geko lizards. He is ...

Yeti mystery: New research on hair samples

Yeti DNA research update Professor finds genetic match of Abominable Snowman with an ancient polar bear. Report by Fudgea. Like us on ...

10 Amazing Facts About Sachin Tendulkar

As Sachin Tendulkar announced his retirement from Test cricket recently, here is a compilation of some interesting facts about the Little ...

WOW Noble Peace Prize Winners 2013

The Nobel Peace Prize is the both the most illustrious and most controversial of the five annual awards made by the Nobel committee, and ...

Origin of cyclospora outbreak still unknown

The search for the source of the stomach parasite cyclospora continues, but legal obstacles may stand in the way of health officials ...

WTF Worlds Most Weirdest Tourist Attractions

'From the strange to the creepy to the gross, cities around the world have some bizarre tourist attractions. Whether you have a love of all ...

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Thousand Stupid Ideas on the Road to Glory

The dev team discuss the good and bad ideas during the developmental process for XCOM Enemy Unknown