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BeyondTv- low budget movie making with CCTV

Manu Luskch used CCTV cameras all over London to make her movie, Faceless. She tells us why and how she did it. tags: beyondtvcctvfilmmakinglifestylelondonmanuundercurrents

AZ of Bushcraft (P for Plants)

Which wild plants can we eat Filmed in Wales. UK we show the pig nut, hawthorn, nettle,dandelion, pennyworth, wild garlic and lots of ... tags: foodgarlichawthornnettleundercurrentsvisionontvwild

AZ Bushcraft (i for identify)

Finding out which trees are useful for Bushcraft. Learn the differencs between Ash, Beech, Holly, and Elder trees. Just one in an exciting ... tags: bushcraftsurvivaltreesundercurrentsvisionontv

Why Are GOP Candidates Competing to be the Greatest Friend of Israel?

As presidential candidates tout support for Israel, they may be reaching out to right-wing evangelicals more than Jewish voters tags: offlinetvundercurrentsvisionontv

Despite public outcry, Chicago approves closure of 17 schools

Students, parents and teachers outraged over school privatizations tags: offlinetvundercurrentsvisionontv

The Syrian Opposition and the External Players

Bassam Haddad The Syrian revolution must guard against interference by external powers and the Syrian National Council tags: offlinetvundercurrentsvisionontv

Israel's "New West Bank"

New plan reveals gov't relocating Bedouins in Negev Desert to createJewish contiguity south of the West Bank. tags: offlinetvundercurrentsvisionontv

Getting your vision on TV

visionOntvoss Richard Hering explains the many barriers that separate a great video news story from its potential audience 8211 and how to ... tags: offlinetvundercurrentsvisionontv

A Planned Economy for the 1%

Michael Hudson All economies have a certain amount of planning, the question is, for whom tags: offlinetvundercurrentsvisionontv

Turning off the comments?

A video response to Dave Winers post on Scripting News about why he has turned off commenting on his blog. tags: offlinetvundercurrentsvisionontv

"1,000 New York Vendors Against $1,000 Fines"

Street vendors say 1k fines are impossible to pay and are driving them out of business tags: offlinetvundercurrentsvisionontv

Greeks Look to the Left for Solutions

Costas Lapavitsas The left is gaining in popular support but have so far failed to present a coherent program tags: offlinetvundercurrentsvisionontv