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Ultraviolet Light Videos by Popular

NASA | Dynamic Loops

NASA Dynamic Loops Science Solar star SDO Giant loops of plasma above the Sun's surface are swaying back and forth, spanning distances ...

Get Ready For A New Type Of Supernova!

Supernovas explode with a bright burst of radiation, giving off as much energy in a few days as our sun will give off in its entire ... tags: astronomyastrophysicsblack_holeContent_TypeEducationenergyexploding_stars

How To Treat Psoriasis

Expert doctor offers information what psoriasis is and the various treatments to manage it, including traditional and newer methods to ... tags: coal_tardead_seadithranolHealthinflammationlesionsmanagement_of_psoriasis

Fast Food Signs For Birds Of Prey

When you're away from home and it's time to eat, how do you know where to go to find food Well, you probably just look for big, glowing ... tags: birdsbirds_of_preyContent_TypeEducationgrasslandshuntingkeen_eyesight

You'd Look Stunning In Infrared

We humans can see only one segment of the whole spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, the segment we've cleverly named visible light. Why ... tags: chemical_reactionContent_TypeEducationElectromagneticelectromagnetic_radiationevolutioninfrared_radiation

NASA Scientists Believe Saturn's Moon Titan May Have Life

Could Titan support life Scientists hope to learn more about Titan's atmosphere to find out tags: AcetyleneastronomybenzeneCassini_spacecraftcatalystContentContent_Type

Venus Glows In The Dark!

Venus may appear to glow under moonlight but the planet also glows in infrared light. tags: astronomyContentContent_TypeEducationglowhydroxyl_radicalsImaging

How The Hubble Space Telescope Works

Learn how the Hubble Space Telescope, which is the most amazing machines in orbit right now, works. tags: astronautsastronomy_videoatmosphereCassegrain_reflectorEarthEdwin_HubbleHubble_Space_Telescope

How Do Black Lights Work?

Black light is a type of ultraviolet light bulb that affects phosphors. Learn more about black lights in this podcast from HowStuffWorks. tags: black_lightphospersScience_Medicineultraviolet_light

TechSpank - September 19, 2008

Today on the show rats get counted from space, Microsoft gives Jerry the boot, bacteria get funky and FINALLY a waterproof computer mouse. tags: advertisingapplebacteriabelkinbill_gatescaliforniacarrizo_plain