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Ukraine in Turmoil | Agenda - Talk Show

In this edition Pro-EU riots in Ukraine, child euthanasia controversy in Belgium and press freedoms being rolled back in Africa. For more go tags: agendadeutsche_welledweuthansiafree_presskenyaturmoil

Ukraine leader heads to China, leaving turmoil at home

Embattled Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich flew to China on Tuesday. In search of aid to fend off a debt crisis in this former Soviet ... tags: andChinaeconomicfliesheadshomeRabiee

Cairo rocked by student protests

University students across Egypt protested on Thursday against the death of a fellow student in Al Azhar University. A protest by anti Coup ... tags: AfricaCoupEgyptProtestTurmoil

8-year-old girl killed as gunmen open fire at wedding

Masked gunmen on motorcycles opened fire on a group of people at a Coptic church holding a wedding in Cairo on Sunday night, killing a man, ...

Hajj begins with Middle East turmoil on many minds

Muslim pilgrims have flooded into Mecca for the annual Hajj pilgrimage, the fifth and final pillar of Islam.Construction work at the Grand ...

Egypt in Turmoil

After a military backed coup against the Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi in July, violence has rocked the country with over 700 killed.

Stocks surge despite Europe turmoil

Business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis speaks to the 'Early Show' anchors about the stock market comeback and whether it can ...

More positive outlook on Wall Street

Stocks made a dramatic turn for the better after news of a debt resolution for Greece. Chris Wragge speaks with Alexis Christoforous about ...

Wall Street on the rebound?

After a week of positive results on Wall Street, it seems as if the U.S. has avoided another recession. Rebecca Jarvis speaks with Barron's ...

G20: emerging markets bid to fight currency turmoil

The G20 Summit saw the so-called BRICS emerging economies - that is Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - agreeing to commit 100 ...

Emerging economies currency and share turmoil from Fed fears

Investors in emerging economies - particularly Asia - remain jittery amid turmoil in their stock exchanges and as currency values tumble. ... tags: andAsiaEmergingeuronewsExchangefearsfrom

Supreme leader of Muslim Brotherhood arrested

The spiritual leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Badie has been detained by police in Cairo. Badie and his powerful deputy ... tags: BrotherhoodCairoEgyptInMuslimSupremeTension