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5 Biggest Stories of 2013 - The Philip DeFranco Show

In today's show we talk about the 5 biggest stories that we covered this year on the show. tags: 2013boston_marathon_bombingedward_snowdengovernment_shutdownphilip_defrancorob_fordsxephil

Researchers Discover Most Difficult Tongue Twister

Researchers at MIT have discovered the world's hardest tongue twister. Pad Kid Poured Curd Pulled Cold is so hard to say, no test subjects ... tags: brain_teaserbreaking_newsBrokcomedyDr_Stefanie_Shattuck-Hufnagelfunnyfunny_news

Archaeologists Dig In Wrong Spot For 90 Years

New research suggests that Archaeologists who study Stonehenge have been searching for clues in the wrong place for 90 years. ... tags: Archaeologistsbreaking_newsBroken_News_DailyCameron_EdmondsoncomedyDr_Richard_BevinsEngland

2nd Grader Writes Hilarious Poem

The poem, titled 'Sister In My House' was posted to Reddit by user, Chtorr, with the caption My parents keep this framed on the wall. Its a ... tags: breaking_newsBroken_News_Dailychtorrcomedyfunnyfunny_newsfunny_stories

Longest Married Couple Celebrates 81st Anniversary

John and Ann Betar were married on November 25th 1932, and were recently named America's longest married couple. 81 years later, the ... tags: 81st_anniversaryAnn_BetarBroken_News_DailyCameron_Edmondsoncomedyfunnyfunny_news

Is This The Most Boring Calendar Ever?

A British creator has apologized for printing what some are calling the most boring calendar of all time. The clunkily named Fast ... tags: 2014Boxesbreaking_newsBroken_News_DailycalendarcomedyDisappearing

Is This Man The World's Fastest Dishwasher?

Video of a Chinese man washing 50 plates in 10 has gone viral. In the video, the mystery man can be seen briefly scrubbing and then ... tags: breaking_newsBroken_News_Dailcomedyfastest_clapperfastest_dishwasherfastest_stamperfast_dishwasher

Eye Opener at 8: A-Rod expected to be suspended today

Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez is expected to be suspended from Major League Baseball. Also, intelligence sources warn a large-scale ...

Unknown Elderly Woman Is An Awesome Drummer

You're never too old to rock, and two videos taken at the Coalition Drum Shop in La Crosse, Wisconsin absolutely prove this point. Check ...