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Top 10 Cross-Dressing Movie Roles

Some were loveable, some were laughable, and some were downright unrecognizable. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 ... tags: cross_dressingEd_WoodFooJack_LemmonJust_One_of_the_GuysMarilyn_MonroeThe_Rocky_Horror_Picture_Show

New SPARTACUS Movie? - AMC Movie News

Full Episode Shot at studio in Hollywood CA User Submitted Question Carlos Martinez writes Greetings and salutations Sons ... tags: BackdraftbroDennis_TzengJohn_CampeaJon_SchneppKirk_DouglasKrisily_Kennedy

I Pity You

Sweet Smell of Success 1957 - I Pity You - Susan Susan Harrison walks out on J.J. Burt Lancaster and leaves him with some thoughts to ... tags: Alexander_MackendrickBarbara_NicholsBurt_LancasterEdith_AtwaterJ.J._HunseckerMartin_MilnerSidney_Falco

A Cookie Full of Arsenic

Sweet Smell of Success 1957 - A Cookie Full of Arsenic - J.J. Burt Lancaster is surprised by Sidney8217s Tony Curtis evil ways. tags: Alexander_MackendrickBarbara_NicholsBurt_LancasterEdith_AtwaterJ.J._HunseckerMartin_MilnerSidney_Falco

Susan Attempts Suicide

Sweet Smell of Success 1957 - Susan Attempts Suicide - Sidney Tony Curtis steps in just in time to save Susan Susan Harrison from throwing ... tags: Alexander_MackendrickBarbara_NicholsBurt_LancasterEdith_AtwaterJ.J._HunseckerMartin_MilnerSidney_Falco

A Press Agent's Life

Sweet Smell of Success 1957 - A Press Agent's Life - J.J. Burt Lancaster gives Sen. Walker William Forrest a warning. tags: Alexander_MackendrickBarbara_NicholsBurt_LancasterEdith_AtwaterJ.J._HunseckerMartin_MilnerSidney_Falco

Don't Do Anything I Wouldn't Do

Sweet Smell of Success 1957 - Don't Do Anything I Wouldn't Do - Sidney Tony Curtis convinces Rita Barbara Nichols to make nice with Otis. tags: Alexander_MackendrickBarbara_NicholsBurt_LancasterEdith_AtwaterJ.J._HunseckerMartin_MilnerSidney_Falco

Susan Keeps Quiet

Sweet Smell of Success 1957 - Susan Keeps Quiet - When Sidney Tony Curtis comes over to check on Susan Susan Harrison, J.J. turns against ... tags: Alexander_MackendrickBarbara_NicholsBurt_LancasterEdith_AtwaterJ.J._HunseckerMartin_MilnerSidney_Falco

J.J.'s Table

Sweet Smell of Success 1957 - J.J.'s Table - Sidney Tony Curtis interrupts J.J. Hunsecker Burt Lancaster at a dinner he is having with a ... tags: Alexander_MackendrickBarbara_NicholsBurt_LancasterEdith_AtwaterJ.J._HunseckerMartin_MilnerSidney_Falco

A Prisoner of Your Own Fears

Sweet Smell of Success 1957 - A Prisoner of Your Own Fears - J.J. Burt Lancaster uses some clever negotiations to convince Sidney Tony ... tags: Alexander_MackendrickBarbara_NicholsBurt_LancasterEdith_AtwaterJ.J._HunseckerMartin_MilnerSidney_Falco

The Clean Columnist

Sweet Smell of Success 1957 - The Clean Columnist - Sidney Tony Curtis attempts to blackmail columnist Leo Bartha Lawrence Dobkin by ... tags: Alexander_MackendrickBarbara_NicholsBurt_LancasterEdith_AtwaterJ.J._HunseckerMartin_MilnerSidney_Falco

Sweet Smell of Success - Trailer #1

Sweet Smell of Success 1957 - Trailer 1 - Directed by Alexander Mackendrick and starring Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, Martin Milner, Sam ... tags: Alexander_MackendrickBarbara_NicholsBurt_LancasterEdith_AtwaterJ.J._HunseckerMartin_MilnerSidney_Falco