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Black Friday: Map Out Your Plan

That's at the top of our list if you're hoping to save money and time, plus leave the aggravation behind tags: black_fridayLocalplansurvival_guidetracy_davidson

How To Pack For A Music Festival

Looking for a educational resource on How To Pack For A Music Festival This helpful bite-size tutorial explains accurately how it's done, ... tags: andbackpackingcamp_sitefestivalleisureLifepacking

How To Survive Nasty Festival Facilities

Looking for a educational resource on How To Survive Nasty Festival Facilities This invaluable video explains exactly how it's done, and ... tags: andfestivalhygieneLeisureLifeportaloosurvival_guide

Isle of Wight Festival Survival Guide - H&M UK 2011

Being at a festival you need to have a survival kit. But what are the must haves to bring along Isle of Wight festival visitors reveals ... tags: festival H&M Isle of Wight UKEntertainmentfestivalH&M

The Survival Guide To Festival Toilets

Festival toilets are the bane of every music fan's life - campsite portaloos are notoriously dirty, smelly, unhygienic, and all-round ... tags: andfestivalhygieneLeisureLifeportaloosurvival_guide

What To Take To A Festival

VideoJug's comprehensive guide to packing for a music festival - how to keep yourself cosy and comfortable in your tent while still packing ... tags: andbackpackingcamp_sitefestivalleisureLifepacking

How to Survive in the Desert without Water

Dont trust mirages if you need to survive in the desert without water, these tips could save your life. tags: andcactusdesertdesert_survivalgreen_plantsHow-tohowto

Survival Guide: Shark Attack

Although shark attacks are rare, a bite from these powerful sea creatures can be deadly. Knowing how to respond can mean the difference ... tags: dangerousdeadlyjawsNational_Geographicsharksshark_attacksurvival_guide

Survival Guide: Tarantula

The venemous Goliath Tarantula is the largest spider in the world. What should you do if one lands on you tags: arachniddangerousdeadlyGoliathlargestNational_Geographicsurvival_guide

Survival Guide: Elephant Charge

In the African rain forests of Congo, conservationist Mike Fay is charged by a 3-ton elephant. What does Mike do to keep himself out of ... tags: AfricaanimalchargingdangerousdeadlyelephantNational_Geographic

Survival Guide: Anaconda

Herpetologist Jesus Rivas gets bitten by a stubborn anaconda. How does he escape from the snake's powerful bite tags: anacondaAnimalsbitefangherpetologistsnakesquueze

Survival Guide: Gorilla Attack

What's the best way to staty safe when a gorilla is charging at you tags: chargedipdodgeduckgorillahidesilver_back