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Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Every year, 250,000 Americans are diagnosed with a form of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. What exactly is SCC tags: cancercancerouscarcinomadermatologistHealth_videoMedicalMedical_videos

How To Soothe A Sunburn

Watch this video to clearly understand what sunburn is and the measures to prevent it. Best way to prevent sunburns is to avoid it in the ... tags: alleviate_sunburnFashionitchy_sunburnmanage_sunburnointmentpainful_sunburnparacetamol

Does Everyday Outdoor Activity Provide Enough Vitamin D?

Keep slathering that sunscreen on, protection is the best preventive for skin cancer...but guess what Some sunshine a day is not only good ... tags: Health_MythSunSunlightSun_ExposureVitamin_DVitamin_D_BenefitsVitamin_D_Sources

How To Protect Yourself From The Sun

It's very important to get the right level of protection for your skin during prolonged periods of exposure to the sun. This video will ... tags: Fashionskin_careskin_protectionsunscreensun_creamsun_exposuresun_protection

How Much Tanning Is Safe

You have to know exactly what amount of SPF to use for your skin and also make sure that you see the labels of UVA and UVB in sun ... tags: Fashionhottest_part_of_the_dayhydrationkneeshade_breaksshinskin

Protect Peepers From Sunlight

Nearly one in four people don't know sun exposure can cause serious eye damage, according to a national survey by sunglass store N3L Optics. tags: aislecancerdamageeyelidsLocalman_cpumpkin

Treating Age Spots

Since age spots form on older people's skin, they could be thought of as a well-earned reward for a life well lived. But obviously, many ... tags: bleachingdermatologistsfreezinghydro_onekoreanssun_exposure

How Do Age Spots Form?

Age spots take awhile to form, which means they often show up on older people. Why do they appear at all Finding out why will help you ... tags: frecklesliver_spotssotsun_exposure

The Health Hazards of Sun Damage

Sun damage to your skin can occur even when it's snowy out. Watch this tip to learn frightening facts about how bad excess sun is for your ... tags: causingcloudscloud_coversigns_of_agingsun_exposureworld_health_organization

Freckles & Age Spots: What's the Difference?

Both freckles and age spots appear because of the sun's rays. But, one of them only shows up when you're older. Which do you think it is ... tags: age_spotsfrecklesfrontalgeneticsred_hairsun_exposure

Sun Block: What's the big deal?

Don't assume that you can forget the sunblock when the weather's cloudy. A strong dose of SPF is necessary even when it's rainy out Watch ... tags: five_americansknackmelanomaskin_cancersun_exposureworld_health_organization