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Summon Videos - 2 by Popular

(Sub) Summon the Beasts!

Akihisa and the gang continue to challenge the Year 3 students in the haunted house, although there are only a few people left who aren't ... tags: andanimationanimebakabeastscomedyfantasy

(Sub) Idiots, Clownery, and Requiem!

Akihisa and the gang find out that their Avatars are different from usual. While they're making a racket, their upperclassmen come in and ... tags: andanimationanimebakabeastscomedyfantasy

Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Playthrough & Gameplay

Most fun I've had yet. This class has a lot of damage and should have an interesting kit at higher levels. tags: aoe arp barbarian beefy Blizzard Cinderhelm cleave

Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Passive & Active Abilities

Full overview of passive and active Witch Doctor abilities shown in beta. tags: aoe arp barbarian beefy Blizzard Cinderhelm cleave

(Sub) Yuuji, Shouko and Childhood Memories

Shoko and Yuuji take a trip down memory lane, recalling their days in elementary school. After Shoko transfers to Yuuji's school, she finds ... tags: andanimationanimebakabeastscomedyfantasy

(Sub) Me, Romance, and Love Skills!

Since the last attempt to get Class D declare war on Class F failed, Yuuji comes up with a plan to have a negotiation meeting with Miharu. ... tags: andanimationanimebakabeastscomedyfantasy

(Sub) Me, Romance, and Negotiation Skills!

Akihisa realizes that Minami is acting strange because of the email he sent her by mistake during the training camp. When Miharu gets upset ... tags: andanimationanimebakabeastscomedyfantasy

(Sub) Me, Japan and Unknown Words

When Minami's family returned from Germany, she spoke little Japanese. Although she tried to fit in, her mistakes caused her classmates to ... tags: andanimationanimebakabeastscomedyfantasy

Number1 Boss reaches 2Bill Exp

song dirty talksong was written for me yoCopyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for ... tags: 200mbillbluesbonesbosscharmscrimsons

(Sub) Me, Peeking and Far Away Paradise!!

The last day of the training camp is fast approaching, and Akihisa and Yuuji hatch one more plan to try and peek on the girls and find out ... tags: andanimationanimebakabeastscomedyfantasy

(Sub) Me, Peeking and Guys' Friendship!

The search for the blackmailer continues, with Akihisa, Yuuji and the others narrowing in on a suspect Aiko Kudou. In order to confirm ... tags: andanimationanimebakabeastscomedyfantasy

(Sub) Me, Peeking and Training Camp!

After Akihisa seeks Kouta's advice on how to deal with a troubling blackmail note, he learns that Yuuji is in a similar situation. Kouta's ... tags: andanimationanimebakabeastscomedyfantasy