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Valcke suggests Qatar 2022 will be held in winter

FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke has suggested the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be played during the European winter. tags: FIFAFootballheldQatarsuggestsValckewill

Did Kobe Bryant Call Pau Gasol Fat? 

Kobe Bryant has urged his teammate, power forward Pau Gasol, to lose weight to improve his flagging performance. tags: gasolkobe_bryant_calls_pau_gasol_fatkobe_bryant_weight_gainneedspaupau_gasol_weightsays

Spain: Rajoy suggests close contact with Bárcenas...

New information suggests Spain's prime minister had far closer links to the man at the centre of a major financial scandal than he's ... tags: BárcenaseuronewsFinancialMadridPoliticalpoliticsscandal

Study suggests IQ risks for young cannabis users

Young teenagers who become hooked on cannabis may be causing lasting damage to their memory, intelligence, and attention, a long-term study ... tags: cannabiseuronewsforHealthNewrisksStudy

Rights groups condemn Syrian cluster bombs

This video, said to be shot in Syria, shows what appears to be an unexploded cluster bomb. The munitions have been banned in most countries ... tags: Andrewbombsciviliancountriesgovernmentillegalreports

Britax King Plus Car Seat - Kiddicare

As the name suggests, the KING plus is a step up from the KING - a seat that already has all the excellent features anyone could want. It ... tags: namesuggeststhe

Brain Decline 'Can Start in 40s'

The brain's ability to function can start to deteriorate as early as 45, suggests a study in the British Medical Journal. tags: abilitybbc_newsBBC_Worldwidebrainbritishcan_startdecline

US envoy suggests proactive policy to tackle risk of natural disaster

The US ambassador to Nepal, Scott H. DeLisi has suggested the government of Nepal to prepare proper policy and implement it to tackle the ... tags: disasterenvoyfromnaturalNepalNepalnews.comnepalnewsvideo

Hulk Hogan and ERB update.

I meant Wednesday, Aug 17... you'll see what I mean soon to tweet this vid-ee-oh My name is Nice Peter, and this is a ... tags: also battles boss epic hall history hogan