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Insane Clown Posse Sues FBI For Name-Calling

The rap duo filed a lawsuit against the FBI and the U.S. Justice Department for categorizing fans, or 'juggalos,' as gang members. tags: ClownDepartmentICP_suing_FBIInsaneInsane_Clown_PosseInsane_Clown_Posse_suing_FBIJuggalo_gang

Nathan Barnatt Sues GTA 5

My instagram BathanNarnatt FB by Trey Frey Seth Barnatt, Jared PeatHipster - Seth BarnattProduced by Andy Anderson, Siobhan Price tags: Grand_Theft_Auto_VGtagta_5In_Real_LifenathanNathan_Barnattphillips

PETA cult member traumatized by Pokemon, sues Nintendo and McDonalds for emotional damage?!?!?! GET ...

Link to the article She should really leave the organization very soon and peel back those layers, as the mindfuck really has a hold on ...

Rod Stewart Sued Because of Son

Rod Stewart may not be in the spotlight often nowadays but his son, Sean seems to be unfortunately attempting to change that. tags: reconcilerodseansonstewartsuestrainer

Man Writes Own Credit Card Terms, Sues Bank

One man in Russia wrote his own credit card contract terms, and the bank apparently didn't read them before signing off on them. tags: BusinessCardCompanyCreditDmitryNewsOleg

Rihanna Sues Accountant for Millions

Rihanna suing her accountant for tens of millions of dollars Hey guys, welcome back to ClevverMusic. Pop diva Rihanna is suing her former ... tags: accountantbentydivafentymillionsrihannaririi

Justin Bieber Sued For 9 Million Dollars For Causing Permanent Hearing Loss

For Justin Bieber's fans his voice is a sweet symphony but for one Belieber's mom, his voice is anything but and is now suing the Biebs for ... tags: beilevebettsforhearingjustinlossstacey

Madonna Sued Over Vogue Sample

Madonna may have to pay the price for being the queen of pop after being sued for allegedly sampling another track in her hit song Vogue.A ... tags: getsmadonnasalsoulsamplesuesvmgvogue

Kasparov sues Russian police over alleged beating

Russia's opposition leader Garry Kasparov is taking legal action against police over beating and libel allegations.The former world chess ... tags: allegedArrestbeatingeuronewsKasparovMoscowover

Actress Fails in Attempt to Sue IMDB for Posting Her Age

Junie Hoang's lawsuit against IMDB was thrown out by a Seattle judge. The B-list actress sued the Internet Movie Database for posting her ... tags: actressageandhollywoodIMDBlawsuitover

Model Sues Chris Brown And Drake Over Bar Brawl

Romain Julien is a model who was sitting at a near by table when Drake's and Chris' entourages started throwing bottles and glasses at each ... tags: drakehostjulienmusicnewsparkerromain

France's richest man sues newspaper over tax insult

France's richest man Bernard Arnault is suing French newspaper Liberation for publishing a headline which translates as ' Get lost, you ... tags: euronewsFranceFrancesinsultnewspaperoverrichest