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Honoring Number Five

The 5th Quarter 2010 - Honoring Number Five - Coach Hood John Newberg points out to Coach Grobe Michael Harding that the crowd is honoring ... tags: Aidan_QuinnAndie_MacDowellAndrea_PowellAnessa_RamseyBonnieBonnie_JohnsonBrandon

Living for Two

The 5th Quarter 2010 - Living for Two - Steve Uria gives Jon Ryan Merriman a pep talk in which he tells him that his motivation must be to ... tags: Aidan_QuinnAndie_MacDowellAndrea_PowellAnessa_RamseyBonnieBonnie_JohnsonBrandon

I Need to Be With My Son

The 5th Quarter 2010 - I Need to Be With My Son - Steven Aidan Quinn8221 tries to push past police officers to see his son, who has been in ... tags: Aidan_QuinnAndie_MacDowellAndrea_PowellAnessa_RamseyBonnieBonnie_JohnsonBrandon

I Want You to Play for You

The 5th Quarter 2010 - I Want You to Play for You - Jon8217s Ryan Merriman dad Aidan Quinn encourages him to play for himself rather than ... tags: Aidan_QuinnAndie_MacDowellAndrea_PowellAnessa_RamseyBonnieBonnie_JohnsonBrandon

Cleaning Luke's Room

The 5th Quarter 2010 - Cleaning Luke's Room - Maryanne Andie MacDowell tells Jon Ryan Merriman how hard it was to clean Luke8217s room. tags: Aidan_QuinnAndie_MacDowellAndrea_PowellAnessa_RamseyBonnieBonnie_JohnsonBrandon

Locker Room Speech

The 5th Quarter 2010 - Locker Room Speech - Coach Grobe Michael Harding gives the team an encouraging pep-talk before their big game. tags: Aidan_QuinnAndie_MacDowellAndrea_PowellAnessa_RamseyBonnieBonnie_JohnsonBrandon

The 5th Quarter - Trailer #1

The 5th Quarter 2010 - Trailer 1 - When Jon8217s Ryan Merriman little brother, Luke Stefan Guy, dies in a tragic car accident, he honors ... tags: Aidan_QuinnAndie_MacDowellAndrea_PowellAnessa_RamseyBonnieBonnie_JohnsonBrandon

Lifespring!207 “The 5th Quarter” Part 1

Hosted by Steve Webb. Part 1 of my interview with Steven and Maryanne Abbate, parents of Luke Abbate. The film, 'The 5th Quarter' is based ... tags: 5th_quarteradam_abbatechristianChristianityjon_abbatelifespringluke_abbate

Lifespring!208 “The 5th Quarter” Part 2

Hosted by Steve Webb. Today well hear part 2 of my interview with Steven and Maryanne Abbate, parents of a whole family of great kids, one ... tags: 5th_quarteradam_abbatechristianChristianityjon_abbatelifespringluke_abbate

Lifespring!209 “The 5th Quarter” Part 3

Hosted by Steve Webb. Steven and Maryanne talk about how their marriage survived the loss of their fifteen year old son, Luke. In addition ... tags: 5th_quarteradam_abbatechristianChristianityjon_abbatelifespringluke_abbate