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The plight of Rohingyas

Myanmars atrocities against Rohingya Muslims continue with the latest report showing military forces use Rohingya women as sex ... tags: DebatemassacrePress_TVRohingyasex_slavestateless

This edition covers: 1) Stateless Lebanese 2) Art and resistance 3) Crime of food fishing?

In this edition of the show, Altaf Ahmad, Press TV's correspondent, reports from Lebanon on stateless Lebanese people. tags: andArtCrimefishingfoodLebanesePress

Putin blames Snowden's stateless situation on America

Russian President Vladimir Putin has blamed the Americans for ensuring whistleblower Edward Snowden remaines stranded in Russia.... tags: blamesEdwardeuronewsPutinRussiasituationSnowden

Fate of Thailand's stateless folk up in the air - 16 Sep 09

A 12-year-old champion paper plane thrower has become the symbol of a growing crisis in Thailand.Mong Tong-dee won the right to compete in ... tags: AlJazeeraCitizenshipJazeeraMyanmarOrigamiStatelessThailand

Niger: Escaping the Conflict in Mali

Hundreds of families have crossed the border from Mali into Niger to escape the fighting in the northern part of the country. tags: ACNURagencyassistancebordercampsconflictcrisis

Niger: Going Inland

In Sinegodar, near the Mali - Niger border, thousands of people have arrived with little more than they could carry. The urgency is to move ... tags: ACNURagencyassistancebordercampsconflictcrisis

South Sudan: A Long Journey Home

Since South Sudan gained independence last July, tens of thousands of people have made their way there from neighbouring. They come by boat ... tags: ACNURagencyassistancebordercampsconflictcrisis

Sudan: Heading for a New Home

UNHCR is offering to help move hundreds of people from Sudan to newly independent South Sudan, where they will build new lives. Almost 250 ... tags: ACNURagencyassistancebordercampsconflictcrisis

Nominate now! The Nansen Refugee Award

We asked UNHCR staff members whom they would nominate for the Nansen Refugee Award, which is announced each year in September, and even ... tags: ACNURagencyassistanceAwardbordercampsconflict

Sudan: A Perilous Route

Kassala camp in eastern Sudan provides shelter to thousands of refugees from Eritrea. Many of them pass through the hands of ruthless and ... tags: ACNURagencyassistancebordercampsconflictcrisis

South Sudan: My Visit

Blue Nile and Upper Nile states have seen tens of thousands of people forced from their homes by aerial bombing in recent weeks. Melissa ... tags: ACNURagencyassistanceBlue Nilebordercampsconflict