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Turkey's winter of anti-corruption justice jars political stability

Turkey continues to ride the turbulence raised by the struggle between its government and the judiciary, following the arrests of dozens of ... tags: anti-corruptionjarsjusticepoliticalRecep_Tayyip_ErdoganstabilityTurkey

Seoul warns of firm response after North Korea threat

North Korea ramped up its rhetoric Thursday threatening South Korea with a strike that would come 'without notice.' The warning came via ... tags: anyDeborahKoreaKoreanNorthopposesover

French army restores some stability in the Central African Republic

French troops have arrested several suspected gunmen as part of their mission to disarm rival Muslim and Christian fighters in the Central ... tags: AfricanarmyCentralCentral_African_RepublicFrenchFrench_armyRepublic

France sending more troops to CAR

France says it plans to increase its presence in Central African Republic as regional stability continues to deteriorate, officials said ... tags: additionalCARCentraldeterioratesFranceregionreports

Afghanistan: Cooperatives for stability | Global 3000

Foreign troops are preparing to leave Afghanistan, but the country is far from pacified. That makes projects that create jobs all the more ... tags: afghanistanagricultural_cooperativesdeutsche_welleglobalizationglobal_3000jobsnangarhar

Looters threaten Venezuela's stability

Caracas, Valencia and Los Teques among other cities of Venezuela showed scenes of looting at retail stores on Saturday and Sunday after ...

Linux Does What Win Don't (Why Linux is better than Windows)

This is my MOST POPULAR video on YouTube presently. I am a former Windows Power user. I have used Microsoft products since the DOS days. ...

How a bad bank saved the Swiss economy

When in 2008 the financial crisis arrived, Switzerland's major bank UBS was suddenly threatened with bankruptcy. Thousands of people in ...

CHOW Tip: How to Stabilize a Cutting Board

No lost digits Its one of the cardinal rules of kitchen safety. So keep your cutting board stable.

The Netherlands, birthplace of the euro | Made in Germany

The groundwork for the euro was laid in 1992 with the Maastricht Treaty. It was in this Dutch city that Helmut Kohl, Francois Mitterand and ...

Ghost Recon Online Beta - Rear Guard Gameplay

An assault class ghost gives cover to his team while they capture an objective.

Ghost Recon Online Beta - Fighting Through Objectives Gameplay

A team battles their way to the last objective.