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Berlín: tres sugerencias | Destino Alemania

A Sandra Siewert le encanta utilizar los rincones de Berln como motivos para sus creaciones de moda. Su inspiracin proviene de la orilla ... tags: alemaniaalleberlincafecinedestinodeutsche

Berlin - Three Travel Tips | Discover Germany

Sandra Siewert is a fan of Berlins varied architecture, which also inspires her work as a designer. Today she takes us to three of her ... tags: alleebanksberlincafécinemadeutschediscover

Explore 'Behind the Bloodshed'

USA TODAY Data Journalists Meghan Hoyer and Paul Overberg share their in-depth comprehensive research into the nation's mass killings, and ... tags: DeathfamilykidsKillingmass_killingSpreeusat

Made in Germany | 20 Years after the Wall: Berlin

Since November 9th 1989,industry and commerce in Berlin's east has radically changed. The old docklands on the River Spree,that was once ... tags: BerlinDeutscheDeutschlanddocklandsDW-TVEconomicsfashion

Recommended – The Spree Forest | Discover Germany

Sorb songwriter Pittko Pittkunings shows us some of his favourite haunts in the Spreewald the Paul Gerhardt church in Lbben, the Zur ... tags: DeutscheDiscoverDW-TVForestGermanyRecommendedSpree

Berlin - City of Lakes | Discover Germany

Berlin has more bridges than Venice. The German capital and the surrounding state of Brandenburg together have Europe's largest network of ... tags: berlindeutsche_wellediscover_germanygrunewaldmuseum_islandreichstagspree

Hasan offers up no defense in Fort Hood trial

A panel of military officers could soon decide the fate of the former Army psychiatrist accused of going on a deadly shooting rampage at ...

Berlin - The Museum Island World Heritage Site | Discover Germany

Museum Island in the heart of Berlin is a complex of five museums built on an island in the River Spree over the course of 130 years. Since ...

Shooting spree on Washington naval base leaves 13 dead - USA

Shooting spree on Washington naval base leaves 13 dead - USA

Prosecutors Rest Case In Court-martial Of Fort Hood Shooter

Military prosecutors rested their case against U.S. Army psychiatrist Major Nidal Hasan, who is charged with 13 counts of premeditated ... tags: AkbarArmycaseDomesticHasankillerNews

99-Year-Old Happy to Win Shopping Spree at 99 Cents Only Stores

With humility and thankfulness, Emelia celebrated her 99th birthday with a party and free shopping spree that she won at the 99 Cents Only ... tags: 99elderlyNewsoldshoppingspreeWeird