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Spider Man Videos - 3 by Popular

Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!: Wolverine in "Partial Recall"

Weapon X didn't just give Wolverine his unbreakable adamantium claws and skeleton, they also scrambled his mind, wiped his memories...and ... tags: alpha flight animation avengers beast comic comic book comics

Supervillain Origins: The Lizard

He was once a gifted surgeon who turned into the cold-blooded nemesis of Spider-man. Join as we will explore the comic ... tags: Comic Book Comics DNA Dr Curt Connors History Marvel Marvels Comics

Supervillain Origins: Carnage

He's psychotic, and far stronger than Spiderman and Venom combined. Join as we explore the comic book origins of Carnage. tags: Carnage Cletus Kasady Comic Book Comics David Michelinie Eddie Brock History


On this week in Spaiddermen it's time for danger but where is danger at this hour Spaiddermen lurks the city stalking the dangerous crowds ... tags: coke comedy comic dub dubbing marvel morbidchid

The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Trailer 1

Get your first look at Andrew Garfield in action as your Friendly Neighborhood Webslinger in the teaser trailer for 'The Amazing ... tags: amazing amazing spider man amazing spider-man amazing spiderman andrew garfield emma stone marc webb

Most Awesome Daredevils

These five awesome videos feature five Daredevils who love to test fate and risk it all, more or less. For more visit All you have ... tags: Break Break Media Captain America Close Calls Crazy Stunts Daredevil

iFanboy - Retromodern

With the season premiere of the hit show Heroes mere days away, this week iFanboy takes a look at the work of artist Tim Sale. From his ... tags: artsbatmancomicbookscomicscomic_bookcomic_booksDaredevil

iFanboy - Wacky

It's that time again Time to take some calls from the viewers We've dug deep into our voicemail line to answer YOUR comic book questions. ... tags: artsavengersbatmanCollectingcomicbookscomicscomic_book