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Video Analysis--Bubbling Uraninite exposed to Hutchison Frequencies

This video analysis of John Hutchison's anti-radiation technology at the Life Ray lab, displays fascinating information which was recorded ... tags: anti-gravityanti-radiationfukushimahutchison_effecthutchsionLife_Raynuclear

Keith from SomaEnergetics - Live interview

I invite you to use the information on this website for enlightenment and empowerment. In helping to re-introduce the Ancient Solfeggio ... tags: AdvancedAncientbridgeFrequenciesPractitionerSolfeggioSomaEnergetics

The Seven Chakras DVD Video

Ambient Minimalism to the Max. Ambient Video art aimed at centering the viewer. As requested Buy it here to help the artist the most. B... tags: AmbientChakraChakrasChambersChillChill-out MusicChillout

Solfeggio Mirror - 936Hz Mastery and Pineal Gland Activator

In this theta entrainment audio program, the subtle vibrations of sound and light open the inner door and lead each step on the path of ... tags: binaural beat entrainment source frequencies meditation resonance solfeggio sound healing

Solfeggio for Beginner Piano Students

This piano podcast by SFA Piano Pedagogy students will discuss how solfege can be a beneficial tool for piano teachers to use in their ... tags: ArtsArts_Performing_ArtseducationEducationalKids_Familymusicpedagogy

Solfeggio Master Frequency 1122 Hz. HD

1122Hz is a synthesis or 'meta' frequency derived from calculating the output function of the first 12 direct solfeggio tones. As an output ... tags: solfeggio

The Miracle of 528 Hz Solfeggio and Fibonacci numbers

The Miracle of 528 Hz Solfeggio and Fibonacci 174 Hz Foundation 396 Hz Liberate guilt and fear 417 Hz Expand your consciousness 529 Hz ... tags: 174 396 417 528 529 853 ancient