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European Journal | The Netherlands: Boycott on Shellfish

Belgians love shellfish from the Dutch province of Zeeland. But Belgian politicians have called on the nation to boycott the delicacies to ... tags: BoycottDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVestuaryEuropaEuropean

How to Make Easy Shrimp Pasta

There's really only one requirement for a weeknight dinner that it can be prepared quickly. But who says you can't also have fancy and ...

Supertaster: Landlocked Seafood Fiesta

This week's mission two new jazzy shellfish dishes from the seafood chain I can no longer ignore.

How To Steam Shellfish

Before you steam your mussels and clams, just make sure that they are alive and they should be washed of all the dirt and debris so you can ... tags: clamsmusselsshellfishsteam

How To Open And Clean Scallops

Scallops are delectable, tender pieces of shellfish which are best when fresh from the sea. This film will show you how to open and clean ... tags: scallopsshellfish

How Prepare A Whole Fresh Crab

How to prepare a whole fresh crab Renowned Italian chef Massimo Tagliaferri shows us how to prepare a whole fresh crab, and serve the crab ... tags: crabshellfish

Robbie Williams makes 'sick' noises

Robbie Williams gives us a glimpse of the kind of noises he makes when he's ill. tags: foodillpoisoningrobbieshellfishsingertake

Buy, Store and Serve Seafood Safely

With their high quality protein and other essential nutrients, fish and shellfish are important parts of a healthful diet. But, as with any ... tags: AdministrationandcookingDrugfishFoodsafety

How to select quality seafood

If fish or other seafood comes right off a boat, you might not worry about freshness. Buying at a market is a different story. Chef and ... tags: BeckyFishGoodMusselsSalmonSeafoodSelengut

How To Make Tartines With Shrimp & Cucumber

International chef Amy Riolo demonstrates how to make boursin tartines with shrimp and cucumber. tags: BoursinHerbHerbsProvenceSandwichSeafoodShellfish

America's Oldest Fish Market Is In DC

Nestled in a tiny corner of southwest DC is one of the cities hidden gems - the Maine Avenue Fish Market. The market offers the widest, ... tags: FishFishermansMarketOystersSeafoodShellfishWashington

HHTV: Mussels, Belgian-style!

Please visit for this complete recipeFast food doesn't have to be greasy and fatty This week Healthy Helpings TV's host Michelle Koen ... tags: cookingdietfoodhealthhealthymusselsseafood