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5 Parts of a Meal Setting in German

5 Parts of a Meal Setting in German - part of the languages video series by GeoBeats. Here are five parts of a meal setting in German.Plate ... tags: BerlinGermangermanyinLanguagesMealof

How To Fold A Mitre Napkin

How To Fold A Mitre Napkin Not everybody knows the wonderful art of folding napkins. In this video, the maestro of napkin folding art, ... tags: diningdinnerfoldingmitrenapkinssettingtable

How To Fold A Bird Of Paradise Napkin

How To Fold A Bird Of Paradise Napkin - a demonstration of the use of napkins for some other useful purposes and a kind of show piece used ... tags: birdbirdsdiningdinnerfoldingnapkinssetting

How To Fold A Swan Napkin

Learn to jazz up a dinner party or just an everyday meal with this decorative napkin folding. Turn those boring old paper napkins into a ... tags: birddiningdinnerfoldingnapkinssettingswans

How To Fold A Lily Napkin

Fold a cloth napkin with maestro Luigi. Learn royal folds with these simple steps and fold a napkin into a lily. You can have a napkin ... tags: diningdinnerflowerfoldinglilynapkinsroyal

How To Fold A Fan Napkin

Want beautiful napkins for a dinner party or special occassion This VideoJug film is designed to show you how to fold a Fan Napkin, looks ... tags: diningdinnerfanfoldingnapkinssettingtable

How To Fold A Heart Napkin

How to Fold a Heart Napkin - Love having dinner parties or just want to impress your significant other or guests with a lovely napkin ... tags: diningdinnerfoldingheartnapkinssettingshapes

How To Do Fancy Napkin Folding

This VideoJug video, 'Luigi's Art of Napkin Folding' teaches the viewer how to complete, unique and elegant napkin folding designs. Just ... tags: diningdinnerfoldingnapkinssettingtable

How To Create Personalized Napkins

Luigi demonstrates an artful napkin folding project from his book, 'Luigi's Language of Napkin Folding', the samurai. A good napkin to use ... tags: diningdinnerfoldingnapkinssamuraisettingtable

How To Make Christmas Napkins

How To Make Christmas Napkins - The art of napkin folding is a fun activity that can be taught to someone of any age. Luigi demonstrates ... tags: candlechristmasdiningdinnerfoldingnapkinssetting

How To Use Napkin Rings

A special dinner is coming up Feeling a great urge to impress people you care about By having a peek at this neat video, which is less than ... tags: diningdinnerfoldingnapkinssettingtable

How To Fold A Lotus Napkin

Want to impress you dinner guest with a touch of elegance and refinery. Learn how to create the Lotus napkin fold, also known as the Water ... tags: diningdinnerfoldinglotusnapkinssettingtable