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Yaariyan Starcast Promotes Film

Divya Khosla Kumar and the cast of yaariyan are on pins before the movie's release and urge everyone to go watch the filmWatch us on ... tags: DivyaDivya_Khosla_KumarHimanshHimansh_KohliKhoslaKohliKumar

Lightning Returns : Final Fantasy XIII - Preview

La preview de Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII, un jeu de rle de Square Enix qui sortira en France le 14 fvrier 2014 alors qu'il est ... tags: FantasyFinalJeu_de_rôleLightningPS3ReturnsSerah

The Evolutions & Constants of Final Fantasy

GameSpot Asia's Jonathan Toyad talks about the many tropes and themes of the classic JRPG series, from its story themes to its overall game ...

Skyborne Paradise - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gameplay

Lightning gives her sister some advice before they embark out into the Skyborne Paradise.

Buccaboo Fight - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gameplay

Serah staggers a Buccaboo as they traverse the plains in Final Fantasy XIII x2.

Crystarium Expanded - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gameplay

After a big fight, spend some of your cherished Crystarium points in order to expand your commando role with a Meteor Javelin ability.

Examine the Switch - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gameplay

Our hero's enter a room filled with a Flanborg and make quick work of it before changing out their Paradigm Pack monster.

Video Review - Final Fantasy XIII-2

Kevin VanOrd travels through time searching for Lightning in this video review for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Guided Tour - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer

Get a look at some of new features in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Environments - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gameplay Trailer

Take in the sights from Final Fantasy XIII-2 in the latest gameplay trailer.

FF13 [1] Chapitre 1 : La cité suspendue

Je vous refait FF13 dans une qualit qui me convient d'avantage que ma premire soluce de plus, la playlist actuel de FF13 se verra de ce ... tags: annexeseidoleonfalciefangfantasyfinalhope

FF13 [2] Chapitre 1 : La fin de l'innocence

Scenario Fin du chapitre 1 La fin de l'innocenceSnow dcide de se diriger dans les vestiges de pulses afin de sauver sa bien aim victime ... tags: annexeseidoleonfalciefangfantasyfinalhope