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Self-tracking Videos by Popular

100 personnes nues pour réaliser une pub en stop motion

100 personnes nues pour raliser une pub en stop motion Sam n'est pas trs heureux avec son corps, mais allons voir ce qui se passe quand il ... tags: 100_personnescorpscréationhistoirePubpublicitéself-tracking

The Sniffer, Dec. 2nd, 2011: Trends in Medical Monitors and Crowd Control

In this trendwatching podcast, Nora Young wonders who owns the data your devices generate She started thinking about it because of a story ... tags: alarm_clocksAudio_BlogsBusinessBusiness_Management_MarketingManagement_Marketingopen_dataPersonal_Devices

The Sniffer, Oct 21st, 2011: Trends in Apps and Health

This time, Nora Young talks about the trend in peer-to-peer applications for tracking and sharing your health via Technology Review. The ... tags: appsAudio_BlogsBusinessBusiness_Management_MarketingElectronicsfitnessFun_Stuff

The Sniffer, Sept 9th, 2011: Trends in Crowdsourcing and 3D

The Sniffer is back for a new season Thanks for checking out the updated blog. In this episode, Cathi Bond and Nora Young open up the ... tags: Audio_BlogsBusinessBusiness_Management_Marketingcell_phonesElectronicsgamingheadsets

The Sniffer May 31, 2011: Sleep Special

In this podcast, Cathi Bond and Nora Young look at trends in one of their favourite topics sleep Have trouble waking up in the morning ... tags: alarm_clocksAudio_BlogsBusinessBusiness_Management_MarketingManagement_MarketingPublic_Radioself-monitoring

Trends in Self-Tracking and Cool Concept Cars

In this trendwatching podcast, Nora Young talks about the new Hitachi Life Microscope, as yet another example of the growing trend in ... tags: Audio_BlogsBusinessBusiness_Management_MarketingcarsChinafitnessHitachi