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Transformation mix-amv

I guess some of them wouldn't count as transformations, but I don't care. I think Sekirei being winged should count Panime ... tags: 11eyes amv anime mix anime music video anime transformations kampfer kannagi crazy shrine maidens

Nr.09: Musubi (Sekirei)

Name MusubiAnime SekireiVoice Actor Sayori ... tags: AnimeBabeBigBreatBustBustingEcchi

Don't think about it amv

I do not own the anime and I have permission to use the song The singer Xavii Matisse Song Don't think about it I hope you enjoy ... tags: about,amv,black,butlerDon't,it,moon,

The Sekirei of Fate

Minato is devastated when Benitsubasa defeats Musubi. Tsukiumi's late arrival only makes things worse. Elsewhere, Yukari and Shiina's ... tags: actionanimationanimebenitsubasadefeatsdevestatedecchi

The Night Before the Escape

Minato chooses to assist Haruka and Kuno's escape plot, and convinces Kaoru Seo to help too. A plan is put in place - but Tsukiumi is ... tags: actionanimationanimeecchiescape_plotfanservicefunimation

The Veil and the Wind

Musubi takes Minato to meet Kuno's Ashikabi, who reveals his desire to flee the capital with Kuno. tags: actionanimationanimeashikabicapital_fleedesireecchi

The Closed Capital

Phase 2 is in full effect, and though Minato's concern is focused on his own Sekirei, Matsu warns of a new danger. In addition, Matsu is ... tags: actionanimationanimeconcerndangerecchifanservice

The Black Sekirei

Minato's not having an easy time with so many Sekirei around. Now that the Sekirei Plan has entered Phase 2, the capital must take steps to ... tags: actionanimationanimebattlecapitalecchifanservice

Maison Izumo Flower War

Minato and Kusano encounter Tsukiumi, the Sekirei from Minato's dream. Hopefully things won't end up like they did in his dream and he'll ... tags: actionanimationanimedreamecchiencounterfanservice

The Water Sekirei

A naked girl attacks Minato Her name is Matsu, and she's a Sekirei who's been hiding at Izumo Inn. The next night, a Sekirei familiar to ... tags: actionanimationanimeattackdreamecchifanservice

The Strange Tale of Maison Izumo

Kusano's ghost story could be true - Izumo Inn seems haunted by a strange presence. The inn is due to receive another new face - Minato's ... tags: actionanimationanimebeautiful_boydelayedecchifanservice

The Sekirei Symbol Disappears

The escape plan is under way Kaoru Seo takes out a transformer and Kusano causes a distraction, giving everyone else a chance to flee ... tags: actionanimationanimebridgedistractionecchiescape_plan