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Disabled Mannequins PSA Because Who Is Perfect - Pro Infirmis

Mannequins in department stores, of course, portray the perfect body. But what is perfection, and who exactly lives up to the standards of ... tags: disabled_mannequinsinternational_day_disabilitiesMannequinmodelpro_infirmispro_InfirmisCHpsa

Watch: Albino alligator gets acupuncture

An albino alligator at the Sao Paulo Aquarium in Brazil suffers from scoliosis, an unhealthy curvature of the spine. To alleviate the ...

Marin Medical Massage Video - Mill Valley, CA United States

marinmedmassage.comMarin Medical Massage - Mill Valley, CA United States

Albino alligator has acupuncture for scoliosis

An albino alligator in Brazil has been receiving acupuncture treatment to help him deal with a bad back. 'Bino' the alligator suffers from ...

RE: Scoliosis and Massage

hey ryan i have you on youtube Im pimpdoctor2008 but anyways I would like to know if you have any tips for me on my scoliosis, last time I ... tags: curvedeformdeformitymassagepainscoliosisspine

RE: Muscular Imbalances?

From I would like to ask you about my muscular imbalance. I am a 29-year-old man and have been going to the gym for a few years. When my ... tags: asisbalancechiropractorexercisesmassagemuscularposture

Scoliosis - Chiropractic Tips, Treatments and Techniques

Dr. Pirkl practices diversified, manual technique and offers competent adjustments of the back, neck, and extremity joints. Often joints ... tags: chiropracticcurvediscomfortdoctordr.modalityScoliosis

Lorenzen Chiropractic Clinic 'A referral based practice' Richardson, TX United States

Lorenzen Chiropractic Clinic - Richardson, TX United States We are a multidisciplinary clinic using eastern and western ... tags: ChiropracticClinicHealthLorenzenMedicalRichardsonscoliosis

Surgery for Early Onset Scoliosis

In a revolutionary treatment for early-onset scoliosis EOS, a team of surgeons implanted adjustable growing rods in two children from ... tags: ChildrensDiegoearlyHospitalMAGEConsetRady

Direct Vertebral Derotation Procedure for Scoliosis

Complex spinal surgeon Dr. Michael S. Chang performs a direct vertebral derotation, a six-hour procedure, to cure Paige's scoliosis. tags: ChangCureCurved_Spine_SurgeryDerotationDirectDirect_Vertebral_DerotationDr.

Direct Vertebral Derotation Scoliosis Surgery Explained

Complex spinal surgeon Dr. Michael S. Chang explains direct vertebral derotation, a six-hour procedure, to treat scoliosis. tags: Back_Curve_SurgeryBack_Straightening_SurgeryChangDerotationDirectDr.Explaining_Scoliosis_Surgery

How to check children's spine for scoliosis and poor posture

Video 'How to check children's spine for scoliosis and poor posture' from spinecentersDr. Michael Pritsker of ... tags: chiropracticchiropractorcurvedoctorexamineMichael_PritskerMike_Pritsker