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Stockholm Smile

Stockholm is celebrated as one of the world's most beautiful cities, built where lake meets sea, on fourteen islands, with nine centuries ... tags: ArrivalguidesArrive_in_StockholmCultureEuropeScandinaviaShoppingStockholm

Karlskrona - Aerial film

Visit Karlskrona proudly presents Karlskrona from above part 2. Thanks to HeliAir Sweden for filming and No limits for production of the ... tags: ArrivalguidesArrive_in_KarlskronaCultureKarlskronaScandinaviaSwedenTourism

Höga Kusten

Welcome to Hga Kusten It is no coincidence that more and more people are coming to Hga Kusten. For the sea and the wonderful archipelago. ... tags: ArchipelagoArkansasArrivalguidesArrive_in_HögaKustenArrive_in_TheHighCoastCultureScandinavia

Denmark: An EU-funded Ski Run in a Flat Land | European Journal

The EU has given funds to construct a ski run on the Danish island of Bornholm even though theres hardly ever enough snow to use it. This ...

TESTICLE EATING FISH: The Pacu has Migrated to America; Terrorizing Men in New Jersey

A testicle eating fish terrorizing men around the world has now been found in New Jersey. Its a Pacu, native to South America with huge ...

Men Warned About Testicle Eating Fish in Lakes

A piranha-like fish is eating mens testicles. Its a Pacu, native to South America with huge teeth that can grow up to 55 pounds. The fish ... tags: fishguineamennewpacupapuapirahna

Around The World In 80 Beers: Scandinavia, ep 2

Welcome to Kulusuk A place with no pubs, clubs or bars. Alas, Chris Bells beer odyssey appears to have hit a snag. Until the local drunk ... tags: beerBellChrisFHMScandinaviaTravel

Around The World In 80 Beers: Scandinavia, ep 3

Armed with a flagon of take-out from the local shop, FHMs lager-loving globetrotter heads further north still. Lapping it up on the back of ... tags: beerBellChrisFHMScandinaviaTravel