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Developing Highly Effective Sales Managers

Successful sales managers need a unique set of skills, according to Sales Readiness Group CEO Norman Behar. He explains how a manager can ... tags: BNETBusiness_SalesDevelopingEffectiveHighlyManagersNorman_Behar

Phone Sales Etiquette

When calling a sales prospect, always state your name and company when you first call. ly, always ask if they have a to chat or if it is a ... tags: business_etiquetteBusiness_SalesEtiquetteetiquette_tipsExpertGeoBeatsPhone_Sales_Etiquette

Sales Management in the New Normal

How do you manage your sales team in an environment of uncertainty PI Worldwide President and CEO Nancy Martini identifies three things ... tags: BNETBusiness_SalesGerhardt_GschwandtnerManagementMediaNancy_MartiniNew

3 Steps to Selling More Apps

Brainscape CEO Andrew Cohen made 17,000 last month selling his digital flashcards through iTunes. Here are three things you can do to make ... tags: andrew_cohenAppsapps_sales_tipsBNETBrainscapeBusiness_Webitune_appstore_sales

How to Pursue an Effective Sales Strategy

John Golden explains how he teaches salespeople to pursue an effective sales strategy. tags: BNETBusiness_SalesEffectiveeffective_sales_strategyHowJohn_GoldenPursue

A Competitive Strategy to Achieve Success

Holden International's Ryan Kubacki shares his tips on competitive selling to achieve better results. Kubacki says the first step is ... tags: AchieveBNETBusiness_SalesCompetitiveRyan_KubackisalesAsales_advice

How Smart Calls Replace Cold Calls

Art Sobczak explains the advantages of a smart call and how it replaced the cold call as a sales technique. tags: Art_SobczakBNETBusiness_SalesCallsColdcold_callscold_call_disadvantages

How to Harness the Potential of Your Key Customers

In this 3rd part of 12 Immediate Actions to Generate Sales and Cash, Alistair Marshall explains ways to harness the potential of your key ... tags: ActionsAlistair_MarshallBusiness_MarketingCashCustomersforGenerate

How to Use Your Location to Your Advantage in Marketing

Alistair Marshall shows you how to use your physical location to your advantage in marketing. tags: ActionsAlistair_MarshallBusiness_OthersCashGenerateImmediateLocation