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Why only few sadhaks succeed in their sadhna?

Question As far as my understanding goes, there seem to be two ways of life, shreya and preya. Except a few, almost everyone longs for ... tags: andaspirantdivinityhumanityjourneysadhaksadhna

Can sankalpa cure someone elses disease?

By doing meditation, can we take sankalpa by which someone elses disease can be cured GURUMAANo Ashish, You can only hope and pray for the ... tags: diseasegodgraceguruheartmasterprayer

How be in the present moment for maximum time?

Question My mind is always wandering in either the past or the future. How can I bring it to the present for maximum time GURUMAAMohan Rao, ... tags: discipleenlightenmentgurumeditationmindmokshanirvana

How can we remain unattached from this world?

Question While living in this world, how can we remain unattached from the worldGurumaa Answers While living in this world, you can stay ... tags: divinegodinnerjourneynearpathsadhna

Should I believe in grah dasha or sade-sati when I am already blessed by you?

While you have already taken me on the path of meditation, paranayama, yoga abhyas yoga practice and whatever are been done, it is through ... tags: abhyasbaddeedsgoodkarmamantrapranayama

How to strengthen the sankalpa of getting up early morning?

Q Everyday in the night I take a sankalpa resolve, that I shall get up early morning and do asanas / bathe / follow up with sakriya dhyan ... tags: anandmurtiforgetgurumaahowpowersadhna

Learn to manoeuvre the flow of energy within the body-2

In our physical body, there exists a bio plasmic body which we cannot see. Modern medicine accepts the existence of this body and ... tags: ashramgurumaameditationsadhnaspiritualityyoga

Importance of death related rituals

Q Is there any importance/significance of the rituals/rites performed after death of the body Does this have any bearing on astral life and ... tags: enlightenedhowlearnmahatmameditatemysticretreats

Makar Sankranti celebrations in Gurumaa Ashram Part-7

This is the seventh video in the series of Makar Sankranti satsang 2010. The auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti was celebrated in ... tags: GurumaaJourneyMakarSadhnaSakrantiSeekersSewa