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The Asterisk, DarwinBot and Other Cool Robots

Robot technology keeps moving forward, so catch up by learning about these three new engineering feats the Asterisk that can scale and ... tags: AsteriskasteriskTheAttackBlueprintblueprintsclimbing_robotcool_robot_exhibit

Homemade Robots

On this edition of Robot News, we look at a couple of homemade robots that can do such amazing things as pet your cat and retract into a ... tags: Attackcandace_baileyDIY_Robotsg4tvHomemade_Robotsjeanlego_robot

2010 Robots Review

2010 has been quite a year for our gear-driven robot friends. Here's our review of the year's robot news. tags: 2010_Robots_ReviewAndrea_ThomazCornell_UniversityGeorgiaGM_Robonot_2HairInstitute

Robots Who Care

Little known fact not all robots are out to destroy humanity. Some of them like to be nice and help us out. Check out these life-saving ... tags: Attack_of_the_ShowGamingJapanRobotsRobot_News

Robot Pitchers and ASIMO News

Those damn robots keep getting smarter and smarter, all thanks to us We take a look at a pair of robotic arms that can throw a perfect ... tags: ASIMOAttack_of_the_ShowChris_HardwickGamingRobot_NewsTechTechnology

Robots Who Are Smarter Than You

This edition of Robot News won't make you feel good or very smart with a substitute robot teacher in Japan, a machine that can read and an ... tags: Attack_of_the_ShowGamingKevin_PereiraRobot_NewsTechTechnology

Buckle Up With Ford Robotics

We catch up with Stephen Kozak, Safety Chief Engineer of Body Engineering from Ford, who treats us to some curb jumping, side rockets and ... tags: Attack_of_the_ShowCarsGamingRobotsRobot_NewsStephen_Kozak

Robot Penguins, Beetles and Geckos

Not every robot is designed to look human. Take, for example, these innovative little piles of nuts and bolts, which emulate penguins, ... tags: Attack_of_the_ShowGamingKevin_PereiraRobotsRobot_News

Fashion Model Robots

The world has a lot to offer itself in the way of robots but Japan takes the cake with their latest, a runway-ready femmebot fashion model. ... tags: Attack_of_the_ShowGamingKevin_PereirarobotsRobot_News

Robot Wives and Swarm Bots

As our robot overlords grow ever closer to their glorious annexation of Earth, it will become necessary to have robot spouses, which is ... tags: Aiko_comes_inannexationAttack_of_the_ShowcloserEarthGamingglorious