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McLaren MP4-12C Sound

BrianZuk records a few Start Ups and Accelerations of a couple of beautiful McLaren MP4-12Cs What are your thoughts on the exhaust note ... tags: 12c2012accelerateacceleratesacceleratingaccelerationblack

McLaren San Francisco - Grand Opening

BrianZuk records McLaren San Francisco's Exclusive Grand Opening Party. SIX 6 McLaren MP4-12C's were present and can be seen in the video, ... tags: 2012458accelerateacceleratesacceleratingaccelerationalto

McLaren F1

BrianZuk records a red McLaren F1 with cream colored interior at night. The video shows angles of the F1 at rest, then 2 cold starts, and ... tags: accelerateacceleratesacceleratingaccelerationatautomobileblip

Ferrari 458 Italia Rev and Accelerate

BrianZuk records a stunning two-tone gloss white/gloss black Ferrari 458 Italia Rev and Accelerate at night, making some awesome V8 noise ... tags: 2012458accelerateacceleratesacceleratingaccelerationand

McLaren F1 Start Up

BrianZuk records two cold starts of an absolutely incredible red McLaren F1, followed by a small rev from its 627bhp V12, and the F1 ... tags: accelerateacceleratesacceleratingaccelerationautomobilebeforeblip

Maserati GranTurismo MC Start and Rev

BrianZuk records a white Maserati GranTurismo MC giving a few Revs after a Cold Start. BrianZuk's Facebook Here tags: 2011automobileautomobilesblipbrianzukcarcarbon

Jaguar XJR-15

BrianZuk records a rare Jaguar XJR-15 pulling into an RM Auction Event, and at rest BrianZuk's Facebook Here tags: 14accelerateacceleratesacceleratingaccelerationauctionauctions

Lamborghini Gallardo with Fabspeed Exhaust

BrianZuk compiles some footage from a drive of an Arancio Borealis Orange Lamborghini Gallardo with Fabspeed Test Pipes and X Pipe exhaust, ... tags: accelerateacceleratesacceleratingaccelerationaftermarketbrianzukbumper

Matte Grey and Black Bugatti Veyron

BrianZuk spots a Matte Grey and Gloss Black Bugatti Veyron on the road. Video shows the Veyron on the road, parked detailing different ... tags: 16.4accelerateacceleratesacceleratingaccelerationaftermarketand

Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0 Acceleration

BrianZuk records an insane orange Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 with black wheels with an orange pin stripe, and an aftermarket exhaust ... tags: accelerateacceleratesacceleratingaccelerationaftermarketblackbrianzuk

Ferrari 599 GTO Exhaust Note

BrianZuk records two Ferrari 599 GTOs, one red and one silver. Both start up their 661hp V12s, then the rosso corsa car hits the track, ... tags: 599599gto599saccelerateacceleratesacceleratingacceleration

Modified Lamborghini Murcielago LP640s

BrianZuk records two stunning modded Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Coupes, one Monterey Blue and the other Arancio Borealis Orange. The blue ... tags: 640640saftermarketarancioaventadorblackblip