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World War II plane discovered

Researchers discover a World War II fighter plane in the ocean off Miami Beach. Scott Pelley reports.

Brilliant Minds - Materials researcher Rouin Farshchi | Tomorrow Today

Our'Brilliant Minds series introduces young scientists from across the world who live and work in Germany.US scientist Rouin Farshchi works ...

Brilliant Minds - Astronomer Mary Williams | Tomorrow Today

When she was 14, Mary Williams from New Zealand already knew she wanted to be an astronomer. Now, at 34, she's a researcher at the Leibniz ...

Brilliant Minds: Roberto Rinaldi of Brazil | Tomorrow Today

Roberto Rinaldi is a researcher at the Max Planck Institute in Mlheim on the Ruhr. He is looking for a way to use agricultural waste to ...

Researcher Improves Red Wine by Microwaving It

A Tasmanian researcher has discovered that by microwaving grape must prior to turning it into wine, reds become richer and more flavorful.A ...

Scientists Discovered an Adorable New Mammal: Meet the Olinguito

Smithsonian scientists have announced they have discovered a new species of mammals, the first significant find in 35 years. And as the ... tags: BrazilCostaMuseumNationalParkresearcherRica

Pittsburgh Doctor Arrested for Allegedly Poisoning Wife

A University of Pittsburgh researcher, Robert Ferrante, has been arrested for allegedly poisoning his wife, Autumn Klein. tags: arrestferranteofpittsburghpoisoningresearcherrobert

PayPal offers Bounty, Google Saves Languages

06/23/12 PayPal has kicked off a 'bug bounty' program to help unearth security bugs. Google launched its 'Endangered Languages Project.' tags: ebayendangeredgooglelanguagesmeetingPayPalresearcher

Itw of Malcolm Mackley - Cambridge University

Malcolm Mackley, Emeritus Professor at the University of Cambridge UK went to Sophia Antipolis on February 8th 2013 to animate a workshop ... tags: cambridgechercheurpublicationrechercheresearchresearcherscience

False Economy: 'Frontline charities will be cut'

Researcher Chaminda Jayanetti says despite the fanfare of the Big Society, rape crisis centres and adult care homes could lose funding. tags: bigchamindaeconomyfalsegroupjayanettipressure

Man accused of waterboarding daughter

Pediatrician Melvin Morse, known for research into near-death experiences, is now being accused of waterboarding his 11-year-old daughter. ... tags: accusationsaccusedandcourtdeathDeborahGembara

Pediatrician Accused Of Waterboarding Daughter

He's known for his research into near-death experiences. Now Pediatrician Melvin Morse is facing accusations of waterboarding his ... tags: accuseddeath”doctorexperiencenearntdntdtv