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Too Much Meat and Cheese Alter Stomach Bacteria

Harvard University researchers found that a couple days of overloading on meat and cheese can have a profound and almost immediate impact ... tags: GeoBeatsharvard_study_meat_cheeseHealth_Newsmeat_cheese_belly_largermeat_cheese_inflammation_studymeat_cheese_stomach_bacteriameat_cheese_stomach_bile

STRONGER SPERM: Research Suggests Wine Increases Fertility in Men

Drinking wine gives you stronger sperm. A new study from the Polish researchers found that 5-6 glasses a week strengths sperms and ups your ... tags: alyssa_caverleymennewsbreakerora_mediaora_tvpolandresearch

Dementia: 'a global emergency, needing a global solution'

Leaders from the worlds richest countries gathered at the G8 Summit in London on Wednesday. The hot topic at the summit was the need for a ... tags: Dementia:emergencyglobalMedical_researchneedingResearchsolution

Alzheimer's blood test would be 'significant development'

Dr Eric Karran from Alzheimer's Research UK says the fact that scientists say they are close to developing a blood test to detect the ... tags: alzheimers_diseaseblood_testdementiahealthitnnhsresearch

Immune Cells Attack Cancer

Three and a half years after beginning a clinical trial which demonstrated the first successful and sustained use of genetically engineered ... tags: CancerCellularhealthhealthcareImmune_CellsLeukemiaMultiVu

Cancer Therapy Helps Emily & Nick

Nearly 90 percent of children and adults with a highly aggressive form of acute lymphoblastic leukemia ALL showed no evidence of cancer ... tags: cancerChildrens_Hospital_of_PhiladelphiaCHOPimmunotherapyleukemiaMultiVu_64394research

Research trip in woods

This video is from a couple years ago. I took a trip out in the woods and found a snake in the dead of winter. Thanks tags: bigfootChristmasresearchsasquatchsquatchwoodsYeti

What should I take bigfooting?

Many times I'm ask what should I take with me when searching for bigfoot. So I made this little video. Thanks tags: Bigfootcrypto_crewresearchsasquatchSquatchTipsYeti

Some Tree Breaks - What caused this?

We took a small hike trip and found some interesting tree breaks. We are not saying these are 100 percent done by a bigfoot.We just wanted ... tags: bigfootbigfoot_evidencecrytpo_crewhikeresearchsasquatchtree_breaks

Bigfoot Track Found - Tom Baker interview

The Crypto Crew Interview Series - Interview with Tom Baker who recently found a possible bigfoot track while on an expedition with Ridge ... tags: bigfootbigfoot_evidencecrypto_crewInterviewresearchsasquatchsquatch

The Adventures of The Crypto Crew - Search for Evidence

The Adventures of The Crypto Crew Ep. 1 - Search for Evidence Where the jokes are funny and the research is Real. In this episode the Crew ... tags: bigfootCryptozoologycrypto_crewResearchsasquatchSquatchYeti

Bigfoot Field Work video with Jason Morse

The Crypto Crew's Jason Morse does some research work out in the field. Several interesting fines,possible tree knocks and more during the ... tags: bigfootCryptozoologycrypto_crewJason_MorseresearchsasquatchSquatch