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Removing Videos - 4 by Popular

Lois Johnson "Bring It On Home"

While probably best known for her early 70's duets with Hank Williams Jr, Lois did a considerable amount of solo material as well. Her 1975 ... tags: AndBringComeGrowhankHomeIn

Removing the Scars | Facing Trauma

Dr. Andrew Jacono helps Brittany remove the scars that have taken over her life. Watch Facing Trauma Wednesdays 10pm For more, visit ... tags: accidentDiscoveryfacialHealthreconstructiveRemovingScars

Removing Sand from Feet

We all know that sand can end up everywhere, so if you have got sand on your feet from the beach, simply use some baby powder on the foot ... tags: 10_Sec_TipCleaneasy_home_remediesFeetfeetRemovingfromGeoBeats

How to Get Egg Off Your Car

If the neighborhood kids got back at you for keeping their ball or not giving out Halloween candy by egging your car, quickly clean the ... tags: CarcarHowcar_cleaningcar_cleaning_tipscar_maintenancecleancleaning

A Great Way to Get Corn Off the Cob

Food editor Melissa Roberts shows you a mess-free method for removing corn from the cob. tags: Cobcooking_cornCornFood_Kitchen_SkillsfromGetgourmet

How to Remove Rubber Cement from Scrapbook Photos

Rubber cement is easy to use but contains acid that can be harmful to pictures. Remove rubber cement and replace it with acid-free glue for ... tags: activitiesadultsArts_CraftsCementcrafts_for_adultscreativecreative_activities

How to Get Sand Off Yourself at the Beach

Sand sticks to hot, lotion-covered skin and gets between your toes, not to mention other, unmentionable locations. Keep your body grit-free ... tags: Beachbeach_tipafromGetgettingHowHowcast

How to Remove Self-Tanner

Tiger stripes don't look good on anyone's skin, no matter how fashion-forward you are. Get rid of those unsightly streaks and show off your ... tags: Fashion_BeautyforHowHowcastRemoveremovingSelf

How to Remove Suntan Lotion from Your Swimsuit

Suntan lotion on your swimsuit Remove it easily with a baby wipe. tags: baby_wipescleaningHowFashion_OthersfromHowHowcastLotion

How to Keep Lipstick Off Your Teeth

Lipstick on your teeth Right after you apply lip color, put your finger in your mouth, wrap your lips around it, and pull it out to remove ... tags: excess_lipstickFashion_OthersfromHowHowcastKeepLipstick