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Removing Videos - 2 by Popular

How To Clean Rust

Tracey May, the cleaning fairy, shows you how to make rust disappear using simple household ingredients in this Videojug film. tags: howoffremoverremovingrustrustingtreatment

Woman Causes Huge Fire Trying to Remove Bedbugs

Woman Causes Huge Fire Trying to Remove Bedbugs - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.If you want to get rid of bedbugs, you really ... tags: bedbugbedbugscausesdiyfireremovingwoman

Removing landmines still facing challenges

Rambo Isaac is a deminer from South Sudan. He takes time to demonstrate for us the process they have to go through to look for mines in a ... tags: AfricaEthiopialandminesRemoving

How To Change Rear Brake Pads

Remove your old pads and shims. Not all pads come with shims so don't be concerned if you don't have these. The shims are supposed to ... tags: brakeschangingrearremovingreplacingsafety

Why all the mushrooms?

WDSU Exact Weather meteorologist Kweilyn Murphy explains why so many mushrooms seem to popping up in New Orleans. tags: bloomEnvironmentalmushroommushroomsNewOrleansremoving

How To Remove Graffiti

This clip that Videojug brings to you helps you learn how to get rid off graffiti, the easy way. When someone puts some paint somewhere you ... tags: artistgraffitilessonsremoveremovingtips

Removing Rust With Cola

No need to buy any expensive rust removers when you can just use this popular soft drink instead tags: cocacolaextremefunnyremoveremovingrust

Removing Fleas on Dogs

Removing Fleas on Dogs - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. One of the best ways to check for fleas is rolling your dog over and ... tags: DirtyDogExpertfleasforJeanasremoving

Use HYPNOSIS to LEVITATE Your Friends! - Scam School

If you have four able bodied people and four chairs, then you can perform this awesome hypnotic levitation trick tags: chairsfriendspeopleremovingscammingsittingtricks

Salvors remove bow of stricken ship Rena

ROUGH CUT ONLY - NO REPORTER NARRATION Salvors began removing parts of the bow of the stricken container ship Rena on Wednesday August 15. ... tags: containerCutnarrationNewpartsranremoving

Tattoos: What Makes Them Stay and Go Away

A tattoo is forever - until it gets professionally removed and white blood cells have a lot to do with both.A tattoo is forever - until it ... tags: makingremoveremovingstaytattoos

Ridiculous Way to Remove a Car Engine

An incredibly fast and efficient was to remove the engine from a Volkswagen. Maybe not the safest though tags: ancarenginehowremoveremovingto