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2011-11-27 Ageing Well

Talk of Australia's greying population often focuses on the 'burden' of ageing, and the cost to society and families. But as more people ... tags: community_and_societydeathethicshealtholder_peoplereligion_and_beliefsReligion_Spirituality

2011-11-26 To the Head of the Crocodile

In ancient stories, the island of Timor is said to have been the body of a crocodile swimming through the waters of an ocean that existed ... tags: community_and_societyenvironmentindigenousindigenous_culturePerforming_Artsreligion_and_beliefsSociety_Culture

Late Night Live - 2011-11-25

CLASSIC LNL My Brother's EyesThe Zion Full Salvation Ministry operated on the lower North Shore and the Northern Beaches areas of Sydney. ... tags: arts_and_entertainmentcommunity_and_societyNews_Politicsreligion_and_beliefsSociety_Culture

Late Night Live - 2011-11-23

Tibet's burning martyrsThey are being called the burning martyrs. It's been reported that at least eleven Tibetan monks, nuns and former ... tags: community_and_societyconflict_and_wardefencegovernment_and_politicsnationalNews_Politicsreligion_and_beliefs

2011-11-20 Body Mind Spirit

Forget 'no pain, no gain'. Mark Bunn, former AFL footballer and author of Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health, discovered in Yoga and Ayurveda ... tags: bodycommunity_and_societymeditationmeditation_and_prayerpsychologyrelaxationreligion;spirituality;mind

2011-11-20 The Secular Dharma

Buddhist practitioners in the West will often say that Buddhism is not a religion as such. But author and Buddhist scholar Stephen ... tags: Beliefs;buddhismBuddhism;Communitycommunity_and_societyEthics;History;

2011-11-13 Religion Under Attack

One third of the world's population is experiencing increased religious persecution according to Pew Research Center's recent study on ... tags: christianitycommunity_and_societyconflict_and_warcrucifixpersecutionreligion_and_beliefsReligion_Spirituality

2011-11-13 Gambling Spirit

Legislation to limit gambling may be coming for Australia, and most religious groups support the proposed reforms. But gambling and ... tags: AncientBeliefs;Christianity;Communitycommunity_and_societyethicsEthics;

2011-11-12 - Pascal's Wager - betting on God

This week on The Philosophers Zone were wagering on God. Well, why not What have we got to lose If God doesnt exist, we lose nothing if he ... tags: alan_saundersAndblaise_pascalcommunity_and_societydecision_theoryeducationhistory