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Rawai Muay Thai Francois wins by KO: 5 January 2012

Francois steps back in the ring with confidence, after his strong showing in the King's Cup last month. He wins this match by KO in round ... tags: artsboxingcampcombatfightgymkickboxing

Rawai Muay Thai Kevin fights in Rajadamnern Stadium: 29 December 2011

Kevin is training at Rawai Muay Thai camp for one year. This is his first fight in Bangkok. His opponent, Juma from Tanzania, is older and ... tags: artsBangkokcampcombatfightgymKevin

Rawai Muay Thai trainer Wod vs. Matt Tiger Muay Thai: 28 December 2011

Rawai Muay Thai trainer Wod goes up against Matt from Tiger Muay Thai. It was a fun fight and Wod won by decision. tags: artsbanglaboxingcampcombatfightgym

Rawai Muay Thai young fighter Kongrit wins by KO: 30 December 2011

Kongrit is a young resident boxer at Rawai Muay Thai camp in Phuket, Thailand. He wins this fight by KO in Round 3. The fight took place in ... tags: artsBoxingcampcombatfightersgymisland

Rawai Muay Thai trainer Rawi wins again: 30 December 2011

Rawi steps in the ring, a week after his previous fight. He beats Laemsing in five rounds. Fight took place in Koh Yao Island, 1 hour East ... tags: artscampcombatfightgymislandKoh

Rawai Young Thai figher Pom wins in Koh Yao Island: 30 December 2011

Pom is a young resident boxer at Rawai Muay Thai camp in Phuket Thailand. He wins this fight in five rounds. Sorry, round 2 is missing... ... tags: ActionartsBoxingcampcombatfightergym

Female Fighter Sunanta Rawai Muay Thai wins WMC belt: 28 December 2011

Sunanta beats Patumpon, the holder of the WMC belt at 118 Lbs. Patumpon is young but already has fought 80 times. Sunanta has 14 fights. ... tags: artsbanglaboxingcampcombatfemalefight

Rawai trainer "Rawi" beats Lion MT trainer "Suea Thai": 22 December 2011

Rawi is one of our most experienced fighters at Rawai Camp. He has more than 500 fights, hard to believe. Here he goes up against Suea Thai ... tags: 201122artsboxingcampcombatDecember

Rawai Muay Thai presents: Buakaw Muay Boran show: 26 December 2011

Buakaw, Sunan and Kasem show their amazing Muay Boran techniques at Patong Stadium on December 26, 2011. tags: 201126BoranBuakawDecemberMuayrawaimuaythai

Rawai Muay Thai young boxer Santhai: 3 December 2011

Santhai is a resident boxer at Rawai Muay Thai camp in Phuket. He is 15 years old. For this fight he had to lose 5 kilos. It was a close ... tags: ActionartsboxerBoxingCampcombatExtreme