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Quitting Smoking Could Improve Heart Health Sooner

Kicking that smoking habit could start improving your heart health a lot sooner than previously thought, according to a new study. tags: Americanhealth_newsHeartquit_smokingquit_smoking_heart_benefitsquit_smoking_heart_healthScientific

Advice For Life - How To Quit Smoking Cigerattes

So you want to know how to quit smoking cigarettes Find out if it's your time to quit. Are you ready to quit Might want to listen in. tags: Dont_SMokeHow_To_QuitQuit_Smoking

Do e-cigarettes still pose health concerns?

Lancaster smokers who want to kick the habit often try things like the nicotine patch and now, many use e-cigarettes. But are they really ... tags: e-cigarette_usersLancaster_public_health_issuesnicotine_patchquit_smokingsmoking_lawstobacco_alternative

Hypnosis - Content free Hypnosis Session

This session allows you to clear subconscious blockages that prevent you from making the changes you desire. If you want to quit smoking, ...

Study uses yoga to quit smoking

An innovative new study at Creighton University is working to help longtime smokers break the pack-a-day habit with yoga. tags: anti-smoking_campaignCreighton_UniversityDepartment_of_Occupational_Therapyquit_smokingsmoking_alternativesmoking_habitsyoga_session

Students and Smoking

Are you ready to quit smoking If you're like 51 percent of college smokers, you only smoke cigarettes on a social basis, and don't consider ... tags: addictionbenefits_of_quitting_smokingcauses_of_smokingcigarettecigaretteshealth_risks_of_smokingnicotine

Health Benefits of Fruit And Veggie Peels

Eating the peel has real nutritional appeal. Learn what vita and minerals are found in the skins of popular fruits and vegetables. tags: birth_controlHealthhigh_blood_pressurelow_sodiumprehypertensionquit_smokingstress

How to Eliminate Negative Thoughts And Ease Stress

This simple positive thinking technique from Dr. Herbert Benson can help erase the negative thoughts that are stressing you out. tags: Healthquit_smoking

Which Fingernail Grows the Fastest?

Test your knowledge. Not all fingernails grow at the same rate. Which fingernail grows the fastest tags: baldnesshairlosshair_careHealthhealth_beauty_tipshealth_mythsheredity

Chanting Lighter

In India, 'Raam Naam Satya Hai' is chanted when a dead body is carriedto the funeral pyre. This chant is synonymous with death. So we ... tags: anti_smokingbad_habitsbad_healthblood_cancercancercancer_cureChant