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Gitmo still represents Obama's failed promises

Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba has been open for more than a decade. tags: GitmoObamaPromiseUnited_States

Facebook Helps Lovestruck Kiwi Finds Girl, She Deletes Her Social Media Accounts

Earlier this year Reese McKee set out to find a girl he met last New Years Eve. They partied in Hong Kong and when they parted ways she ... tags: campaigneventfacebook_search_girl_photo_katiegirlhongkatiephoto

Kiev protesters gather, EU dangles aid promise

Anti-government protesters return to central Kiev Thursday, rebuilding barricades torn down by police, as the European Union holds out the ... tags: DeborahEuropeanforholdsKievpromisesigns

America remembers Kennedy and the promise of what could have been, 50 years on

Dallas was the focus of the 50th anniversary ceremonies held for the late President John F. Kennedy, but America as a whole mourned the ... tags: andAnniversarybeencouldDallasKennedypromise

Justin Bieber Gives Back

Justin Bieber may be busy making new music and touring the world, but the superstar still makes time to give back. The Biebs recently ...

Promise of silver screen traps Somali pirate captain

The lure of celebrity has proven irresistible for accused Somali pirate Mohamed Abdi Hassan, who has been arrested in Belgium after a ...

Tesla founder makes big promise to customers

Elon Musk, the founder of the electric car company Tesla, says he has a deal you can't turn down. CBS News' John Blackstone reports on how ...

Silent Hill 2 - Promise Reprise - Guitar Cover

Le morceaux 'Promise reprise' Tire du jeux 'Silent Hill 2' et jouer par Grim Ripper a la guitare

Obama renews pledge to close Gitmo

In the face of a growing hunger strike, President Obama said his administration will try again to close the military prison camp at ...

Obama renews pledge to close Guantanamo

CBS News' Bill Plante reports on President Obama's 2008 campaign promise to close the Guantanamo prison camp and his comment at a press ...