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Uruguay's Move To Legalize Marijuana Breaks International Treaty: International Narcotics Control ...

A Vienna-based body set up to monitor government compliance with such treaties said on Wednesday, that Uruguay's decision to legalize ... tags: Cannabis_lawsDrug_addictionDrug_liberalizationDrug_prohibition_lawGovernmentLegality_of_cannabisNarcotic

How The U.S. Could Destroy Syria's Chemical Weapons At Sea

The group tasked with destroying Syria's chemical weapons has partnered with the U.S. to create a floating chemical-weapon destruction site. tags: assadchemicalformiddle_eastmustard_gasopcworganization

U.S. Offers To Destroy Some Of Syria's Chemical Weapons

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons announced the U.S. will contribute both technology and financing to the weapons ... tags: Chemicalforinspectors_weapons_syriaOrganisationProhibitionsyriasyria_assad_weapons

Brigitte Fontaine - épisode 1 : jeu de scène

Ses concerts Entre la nurserie et la mosque, entre le jeu et la crmonie. Brigitte Fontaine, invite de, se raconte en scne. tags: Areski_BelkacemBrigitte_FontaineChansonJai_lhonneur_dêtreProhibition

Brigitte Fontaine - épisode 2 : son défilé de mode

Son mari n'en peut plus, mais Brigitte Fontaine aime collectionner accessoires et vtements effarants. Mitaines en cuir, ailes en plume, ... tags: Areski_BelkacemBrigitte_FontaineChansonJai_lhonneur_dêtreProhibition

Brigitte Fontaine - épisode 3 : ses mots chéris

Elle les prononce avec dlectation. Qu'il s'agisse de valtudinaire ou d'insultes de son invention. Entrez dans le vocabulaire provocateur de ... tags: Areski_BelkacemBrigitte_FontaineJai_lhonneur_dêtreProhibition

Ye Olde Dry Capital of the World - Uptown Westerville Ohio

Did you know that in 1909 this was considered the Dry Capital of the World Westerville was first settled in 1810, incorporated in 1858, but ... tags: ColumbusColumbus_OhioOhioProhibitionProhibition_PartyWestervilleWesterville_Ohio

Syria Submits Plan to Destroy Chemical Arsenal

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said Syria's government disclosed all weapons sites three days ahead of schedule.

T.I. On Legalizing Marijuana

Hip Hop artist T.I. explains how taxing marijuana would impact the deficit.

Jack Orlando Trailer

1933 will go down in the history books as the year America passed the 21st Amendment to the Constitution. Prohibition is over. To the ...

Chemical Weapons Watchdog OPCW Wins Nobel Peace Prize

The group in charge of destroying Syria's chemical weapons stockpile just got one of the most prestigious awards in the world.

Mortar blasts rock Damascus as OPCW continues inspections

Syrians in Damascus are cleaning up after two mortar blasts killed at least one and injured several. The mortars blew out the windows of ...