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PM hails inspirational Suu Kyi

GVs of Aung San Suu Kyi's arrival at 10 Downing Street followed by a press conference with her and David Cameron tags: AungBurmaBurmeseCameronDavidDowningKyi

Syrian protesters fired upon

With the government severely restricting press freedoms, getting images and footage of protests in Syria has been difficult. Al Jazeera ... tags: AssadfiringHarastaImranKhanmiddleeastnewspro-democracy

400 Arrested in a Pro-Democracy Rally in Algiers

Thousands of people defy a government ban on demonstrations and pour into the Algerian capital for a pro-democracy rally.Powered by ... tags: AlgeriaAlgiersarrestedpro-democracyprotestrallyYemen

Journalist Recounts Experience in Hama

Rania Abouzeid of Time Magazine, one of the few journalists to enter Syria since the crackdown on anti-regime protests began, recounts what ... tags: abouzeiddemonstratorsHamajournalismMagazinepro-democracyprotest

Pro-democracy uprisings shouldn't be feared - Belgian minister

Belgian Foreign Minister Steven Vanackery says pro-democracy movements in the Arab world should receive foreign support, but criticises the ... tags: ministerpro-democracy

Mixed Victory in Elections for Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Groups

21 out of 40 available seats in Hong Kong's Legislative Council electionit was less than Hong Kong's pro-democracy groups expected to ... tags: chinacouncilDemocraticelectiongroupslegislativenews

Supporters Protest Harsh Sentence of HK Flag-Burning Activist

Human rights activists gathered outside Stanley Prison in Hong Kong on Feb 17. They're protesting the harsh, nine-month, prison sentence ... tags: activistsHongHumanKongPrisonpro-democracyrights

US Closes Syrian Embassy; Genocide in Syria Intensifies (Feb 6, 2012 - NBC)

Aired February 6, 2012. NBC Nightly News. Ayman Mohyeldin reporting. China and Russia today vetoed a United Nations Security Council ... tags: alarabarab springassadattacksbashardamascus

Inside Story - Egypt's NGO crackdown

Tensions rise in Cairo as Egyptian forces storm offices of human rights and pro-democracy groups. With guests Maged Reda Botros, Heba ... tags: Adel DarwishAlal JazeeraaljazeeracairoEgyptEnglish

The Egyptian Revolution Continues; Demonstrators Return to Tahrir Sq. (Nov 25, 2011 - NBC)

Aired November 25, 2011. NBC Nightly News. Ayman Mohyeldin reporting. Emotions are running high in an around Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt. ... tags: 18 days alexandria arab spring arab summer Bloggit cairo coverage

Free Syrian Army vows to protect civilians

Al Jazeera has obtained exclusive video of members of the self-styled Free Syrian Army which is made up of pro-democracy protesters and ... tags: Al aljazeera Beirut defectors English exclusive Free Syrian Army

UN debate: Syrian activist takes on lies of Assad regime & allies

08/24/11 Full transcript of speech Syria supporters tells lies. UN Watch responds. Statement delivered by Ms. Lama ... tags: activist Atassi council Democratie France human Lama