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Car Bombs, Clashes Kill 21 Civilians In Iraq

A series of car bomb attacks and clashes between security forces and militants around and north of Baghdad killed at least 21 civilians, ... tags: Peoples_Mujahedin_of_IranPrime_Minister_Nouri_al-MalikiSuicide_bombings_in_IraqWar_Conflict

Iraq: Fighters Urged To Go As Supplies Run Short

Tribal leaders in the besieged city of Fallujah warned al-Qaida-linked fighters to leave to avoid a military showdown, echoing a call by ... tags: Al_Anbar_GovernorateandCrossIraqi_insurgencyIraqUnited_States_relationsIraq_War_in_Anbar_ProvinceIslamic_State_of_Iraq

Al-Qaida-linked Group Ramps Up Regional Violence

Al-Qaida is positioning itself as a vanguard defending the Sunni community against what it sees as persecution by Shiite-dominated ... tags: Arabic_languageIraqi_insurgencyIslamicIslamic_State_of_IraqMemberMember_states_of_the_United_NationsNusra_Front

Iraqi Government: Airstrike Kills 25 Militants

Iraqi officials said a government airstrike killed 25 al-Qaida-linked militants in a besieged province west of Baghdad amid fierce clashes ... tags: 2003_invasion_of_IraqIraqi_governmentIraqi_insurgencyIraq_WarOccupation_of_IraqPrime_Minister_Nouri_al-MalikiWar_Conflict

U.S. Advising Iraqi Military To Work With Locals

The United States is advising the Iraqi military to work closely with tribes and local leaders so as not to trigger a wider sectarian ... tags: Iraqi_insurgencyIslamic_terrorismPrime_Minister_Nouri_al-MalikiUnited_StatesWar_Conflict

Iraq Calls On Fallujah Residents To Expel Al-Qaida

Iraq's prime minister urged Fallujah residents on Monday to expel al-Qaida militants to avoid an all-out battle in the besieged city, a ... tags: Iraqi_al-Qaida_groupIraq_War_in_Anbar_ProvincePrime_Minister_Nouri_al-MalikiReligion_and_violenceSinan_SalaheddinWar_Conflict

UN In Iraq Worried About Uptick In Bodies Found

The U.N. alarming number of Iraqis killed 'execution-style' last month signaled an increase in targeted killings as the overall ... tags: Abu_GhraibAl-Askari_Mosque_bombingCivil_war_in_IraqContemporary_historyModern_historyPrime_Minister_Nouri_al-MalikiQassim_Haider