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Clomid for Men

Both men and women can take Clomid to boost their chances of conceiving a baby. Watch this quick tip to get more information about what ... tags: clomidclomid_for_menclomipheneconception_helpconception_informationfertility_boostersfertility_drugs:_pregnancy

Getting it on During Pregnancy

What's more fun than making a baby Here, the most effective ways to go about it. tags: fetal_healthfetusfirst_pregnancyHealth_Videois_it_safe_pregnancyMedicalMedical_Videos

Pregnancy: Over-the-Counter Medications

You need an aspirin or some Pepto-Bismol, or maybe some Robitussin. Can you take these OTC medications while you're pregnant tags: fetus_healthHealth_VideoMedicalMedical_Videospregnancy_advicepregnancy_advilpregnancy_antacids

Pregnancy Prescriptions

Before you were pregnant, you took your epilepsy / thyroid / depression medication every day. Does that have to change tags: fetus_healthHealth_VideoMedicalMedical_Videospregnancy_advicepregnancy_allegrapregnancy_and_antidepressants

Pregnancy Sex: Go For It!

Chances are good that you had sex at least once prior to your pregnancy. There's no reason you can't continue to have great sex - safely tags: fetal_healthfetusfirst_pregnancyHealth_VideoMedicalMedical_Videospregnancy_advice

Great Nails & Hair

Noticed something different about your appearance Besides your growing tummy, of course. Your hair and nails are stronger and thicker ... tags: first_trimesterhair_growth_during_pregnancyim_pregnantmedicalmedical_videosnailspregnancy_advice

Your Pre-Labor Checklist

Car seat installed so you can legally take your little one home Check. Baby nail clippers Check. What else should be on your list tags: birthing_advicechildbirthgiving_birthHealth_Videohospital_bag_checklistlabor_bag_checklistlabor_checklist

Preconception Primers

If you've decided to have a child, you'll want to take the very best care of him or her...even if you haven't conceived yet Here are some ... tags: conception_healthfetal_healthfetus_healthget_pregnant_fastHealth_Videohow_to_conceivehow_to_get_fertile

Eating for Your Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnant Congratulations Now check out this video for all you need to know about what to enjoy and what to avoid when you're expecting. tags: diet_during_pregnancyfetal_healthfetus_healthhealthy_pregnancy_dietHealth_VideoMedicalMedical_Videos

Understanding the Nuchal Test

The nuchal translucence test can be confusing - even scary. It's important to remember that the results usually provide moms-to-be with ... tags: amniocentesisbirth_defectsdown_syndromeembryofetusfetus_healthfirst_trimester:_birth_defects

The Condition-Specific Conundrum

If you've got a migraine, motion sickness, or diarrhea that won't quit, medication is a must, so here's what's safe. tags: fetus_healthHealth_VideoMedicalMedical_Videospregnancy_advicepregnancy_and_advilpregnancy_and_ambien